Experienced WoW Player Looking for 18+ Mature Guild for Raiding and M+ (Sweden)

Hello Everyone,

I’m in search of a mature, 18+ guild that focuses on raiding and Mythic+ content.

Here’s a bit about me:
Location: Sweden
WoW Experience: Playing since 2006
Current Main: Hunter (Raid/m+)
Current Alt: Blood/Unholy Death Knight (Mythic+)

I’ve been dedicated to WoW for many years, primarily maining tanks for Mythic+ and Hunter for raiding.
My experience spans multiple expansions, and I’m well-versed in high-level gameplay mechanics.

What I’m Looking For:
Guild Type: 18+ mature guild with a friendly and respectful environment.
Content Focus: Regular raiding and Mythic+ runs.
Activity Level: Active player base with scheduled raid nights and M+ groups.

What I Offer:
Experience: Extensive experience in both raiding and Mythic+.
Dedication: Reliable and committed player, always prepared for raids and M+.
Team Player: Cooperative and eager to contribute to the guild’s success.

If your guild fits the description and you are looking for a dedicated and experienced player to join your ranks, please reach out to me.

I’m excited to find a new home and continue my adventures in Azeroth with a like-minded community.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey Senjinblade,

Fury is an active guild that’s currently recruiting for S4 (temporary 1 team casual raiding approach) and TWW (back to our usual 2 team raiding guild - 1 mythic team and 1 heroic team). We are mainly on the look-out for like minded players that enjoy raiding and m+ in a mature, friendly and respectful environment. We can still fit in a hunter for our current raiding team and both our teams for TWW will have a hunter spot open.

Feel free to check out our recruitment post:

Kind regards,