Farewell Gandling EU

Well it’s happened, the server I started my Classic journey on has died. Gandling which was once a high populated server started out with a lot of players and overall good faction balance with perhaps slightly more Horde players. Over the phases on Classic the faction imbalance grew and more and more Alliance quit or transferred around AQ40 release Alliance side felt quite quiet although there were still plenty of raiding guilds around.

Now that TBC has hit many Alliance players on Gandling have become fed up with the low amount of Alliance which makes it difficult to find dungeon runs during non peak hours, leads to a poor economy and hard to farm out in the world when it feels like 30/70AH and impossible to recruit players to your guild - the majority of Alliance raiding guilds on Gandling have already decided to transfer due to this which means it won’t be a dead server, still plenty of Horde but it will become another Flamelash with almost no representation on Alliance side.

I can forsee many more servers suffering the same fate. My suggestion would be to merge all the low population servers and have less servers since there is currently too many servers and I’d assume most people would like to play on a server which is active and alive.


Dear Receding, have you been hiding under a rock? All PvE servers are already merged. The PvP servers are merged into two clusters:

You could, like many others do, ask for ALL PvP servers to be merged.

I also wonder why almost all PvP players have gone on to TBCC, while more PvE players are staying on Era servers. The PvE cluster, is any time I look, more populated than any of the two PvP servers. It boggles my mind.

Apologies but I posted this in the wrong section this was meant for the TBC classic forums if a mod could move it there.

You can move it yourself. Admins are not here to do it for us :wink: There’s an edit option just below the “Farewell Gandling EU” title.

Thank you kind sir.

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