Fat "Kachink" pig mount of $$$ on day 1 of mythic race?

As you people always say

“Dont like it, dont buy it”

Well Cela
Dont like what Im writing? DONT READ IT.


Follow the forum rules and post in topics already about it and i think you find its spelt “don’t”


So triggered you are. You think Im gonna check the entire forum if a post about this already exists? No. Furthremore I have other things to say than other people

And lastly. I bet that you already bought the piggy and now feel you must defend your purchase which makes you sad.

As I already stated. Dont like what I wrote? DONT READ IT.

Just like I wont buy this mount.

Simple as that, Cela.


It seems that the trend is to hate everything from Blizz, it is a bit ridiculous at this point.

btw I am not fan of store mounts and I won’t buy the pig…


Im subbed. I love raiding. I love lots about wow and played since 2005. Im not a fan however of crap microtransactions in a game we pay to play… that mount should be free in game for us to earn with skill and effort… not the almighty dollar.

I dont follow trends. I’m tired of bad business practise.


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Try to read, Cela… like you read the forum rules


you can buy with ingame gold your point is moot.


This wasn’t aimed at you.

Yeah, it should be aquirable in game, but as I’ve written before, there are mounts which can take you months to farm or they are extremely overprized and with addition of tokens you can buy those from store for less gold that many of the most favourite mounts in the game.

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It certainly is and im not talking about an item in a store.

Are you guys all members of some communist party? Or is someone paying you big to sow discord?


Pay to win argument?.. really? No. Put it in a raid or a dungeon or locked behind professions or rep.
THAT…is actual in-game content considered gaming.

Just because Im richer than you or anyone doesn’t mean I should be able to progress or get stuff in a game. Thats pay to win BS.

And once again. WE ALREADY PAID… by subbing for new content. Your in-game gold used to buy sub money SHOULD GO to the creation of this abominable fat pig of divine capitalism.

Your point in inexistent.


were did i mention p2w ?
You can use gold to buy it your fake rageing other nothing and this topic is exactly the same as the 2 others .

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Luckily for me it’s ugly and I don’t want it. :joy:


No, it is not pay to win … as far as there are only cosmetic items in the store.

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Consider me embarassing all you want. At least I’m not stupid. Micro transactions have no business in a game that is PAY to play.

Simple as that. And no, i’m not a communist (which if you were educated you’d know doesn’t exist anymore because its a failed ideology).

I’m a balanced guy that wants value for my money. Not to get piece-mealed parts of a thing I bought because greed.


That made no sense.

It’s Lunar Festival. The Asian servers just got back up after maintenance. It’s Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Pig. Blizzard releases a Pig mount. Last year it was Year of the Dog. They released a dog.


I personally look forward to 2023, Year of the Rabbit! The mount potential there! :heart_eyes:

P.S: On a side note, then in years past, it wasn’t uncommon that a certain region had access to a special promo pet that other regions couldn’t get. Players complained about that, wanting access to everything regardless of which region it was intended for. So today Blizzard tends to do do worldwide releases even for offers like this one which is clearly a promotion of the Chinese New Year. Don’t bash Blizzard for giving players access to the things they’ve asked to have access to. :roll_eyes:


Rabbit mount would be awesome!


This entire game is about hunting visual items and always has been… the pay to win argument stands.

Once again. You pay a sub for this. And they ask you to

pay more. = What does your sub even go to?

Free in game event? Limited time pandaria dungeon run for piggy? Something creative and fun for everyone to enjoy? MADE with our sub money…?

No. Just give blizz more money. Almost half the freaking price of BFA expansion :smile:
Give me a break.


OP is there any point telling you it’s only for the Chinese market to mark the Chinese year of the pig? And it’s not confirmed for the western market? Or that they did a Chinese New year mount last year too?

Plus it’s a flying pig!! What could you possibly hate about a pig that flys? It is literally bacon that flys!!!

All we need now is a flying steak mount and a flying chicken nugget mount and the world will be at peace :smiley:

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Im just voicing my opinion at Blizzard, Nef. I find it bad business and wrong of them to do this.

I already listed a better, more consumer friendly and creative way of going about this. Not to mention this has no business costing 25 dollars. Unless BFA is worth a total of 2 mounts and thats what Blizz is trying to tell us…

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