Feedback: Epic Battlegrounds


AV on alliance side now is a Joke. Didnt won the single battle in few weeks, every game is long bleed lose, and horde siting on Iceblood chokepoint farming brainless lemmings.

That was my last “epic” bg queue.
Its better to lose fast on normal bgs as alliance


wish i could find horde groups like that.
horde still loses majority of the epics in my experience.

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Just after 2 Epic BGs, Alterac, PLEASE FIX GraveYard farm and such. If Frostwolf gy is farmed and manually go to Horde start point in Cave and ress there, you get teleported back to be farmed on Frostwolf.

Second that need a fix, if horde loose hangar but stay on ship can easy hit and control quarry from ship all the time.

When I see such allowed gameplay, I don’t know where DEVs put their thoughts in PvP… Such thing make game sad.


Was just talking about this to a friend. The GY farm is lame. It would be nice if you could choose which GY to ress from anyway in BGs, wherever relevant. Would introduce a nice dynamic, potentially.

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We’re working on some hotfixes to Epic Battlegrounds. These changes are not yet live, but should be ready for the game in the next few days.

Alterac Valley

  • We’re modifying the scaling in the zone to make creatures more difficult for players at high item-levels. Our goal here is to make gameplay feel more similar to the difficulty of Alterac Valley in early Tides of Vengeance.

Isle of Conquest

  • The health of destructible walls will be increased by 30%. This is intended to offset the power that the docks has given players with recent 8.1.5 improvements.

Battle for Wintergrasp

  • The damage done by the Catapult’s Flame Breath ability will be reduced. We still want Flame Breath to feel scary and powerful, especially against other players, but we feel that current values are too high.

We’ve been monitoring Wintergrasp closely, and have been pleased to find that win rates for defense and offense are quite even, with a less-than-5% advantage for defenders. The change above to Catapult could have an impact on that, so we’re holding back on making further changes until we see how this one goes.

We have some other improvements to Epic Battlegrounds, including a new UI to track Lokholar and Ivus turn-in progress, that we’re bringing to the game in the Rize of Azshara content update.

Thank you for your continued feedback on Epic Battlegrounds. We really appreciate it.


Did the previous feedback include ‘battles don’t last long enough’ and ‘horde isn’t favored to win every single battle yet’, or ‘catapults aren’t supposed to be fun’, because these changes make NO sense.

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Does Blizzard have any plans to add Tol Barad as an Epic Battleground? While the actual gameplay itself would be very simple, it’s the closest thing we’d get to a raw 40v40 deathmatch without just adding Tarren Mill vs Southshore to the Epic Battlegrounds queue permanently.


You open the scoreboard to see what realms the enemy team are from and the stats, and you will know if you should just /afk out or not. If you enter before the battle starts will should still know pretty fast if you’re up against an honor farming premade.

Unfortunately Blizzard loves these premades and would gladly see the rest of the player base suffer and stop pvping rather than either fixing the problem by putting the Russiansd back to their own Russian bgs so they can farm each other to boredom.


Better solve Russian premades plague on epic bgs. Because current feedback can only be - I don’t play epic bgs anymore because of this.


This change has completely swung the other way because the catapults are no longer scary and powerful. Myself and the enemy just beeline straight for them now, whereas I used to do anything I could to try to get away. They are FAR too squishy to be able to deal with melee and ranged targets without their dmg being reverted to the previous numbers.


you want feed back on making epic battle grounds more epic, take them back to vanilla! AV wasn’t wont on reinforcements it was won by conquering the map and killing the opposing boss. to do this you had to farm to get ram riders, AV used to be epic lasting for hours.

also If I said as I’m British and only want to play with British players I would be banned for racism or something. however the Russian’s join up in small premade groups and only play BG’s with other Russians why not mix them up like the rest of the EU community.

what is so special about them that they only get sided with other Russians, that is where the BG community is starting to get fed up with the Epic BG’s


I wanted to like the Epic BGs, I wanted to play them, so I painstakingly tried and tried, but it became soon more and more obvious how right the people here are.

There’s absolutely no reason to play them, because of these reasons:

  1. Ally can almost never win (1 out of 50 maybe?)
  2. PvE plays WAY too big a part now (vehicles, cannons, bombs, whatnots)
  3. PvE mobs are ABLE TO KILL players. Who thought this was a good idea?
  4. Cards are stacked against ally so hard, it’s pointless to even try
  5. It’s just NOT fun to plough through this neverending torture, KNOWING full well we’re going to lose, but yet have to wait 20 minutes for the loss to materialize
  6. The rewards are not ANY better than regular BGs, so what’s so ‘epic’ about them? If it gave 400+ GEAR (or even 385, 370, whatnot), GUARANTEED, then -maybe- it might be worth it.

I have an idea; let’s bring back PvP gear, PvP rewards in form of currency you can use to buy your own gear, design which gear you will buy next, etc. Let the player have some INVOLVEMENT instead of giving five of the same rings and other random crap that’s below the level you already have.

PvP vendor, PvP currency, PvP gear (so PvErs can NOT kick the buttocks of PvP players, unless they ACTUALLY play PvP!)…

Funny, it almost seems like these things existed, but someone HAD to go fix what wasn’t broken. Unfix it, please.


I Think they could change the Daily pvp quest to games played or win so you can have fun in bgs. Like 1 win or play 2 to get it done. Having alts and trying to get this done you can just forget. All that happends are something goes wrong or you lose a base and 10-15ppl leaves.


I just can’t believe that it can take over 2 hours in queue for an epic bg to pop… What’s changed for it to be this bad? It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a guaranteed victory lol but when you have to do 3-4 queues to win then it takes a bloody long time.

Oh gosh I know I’m complaining but this is really annoying me.

Edit: Also when will my real level and achievements show? I’ve been 120 for a few weeks now!


changes? what changes…
all epic bg’s are filled with russians
since when are russians EU?? we complained about it more then several times and you blizzard don’t seem to care.
if you want to mix them in do it like you do with the portugees/French/dutch etc
the language barrier is a bollox excuse the other countries have to addept to the english language so leave that excuse out of the picture
or did you guys set it up so Russia are the owner of the epic bg’s?


Can you guys do something about the players who join Battlegrounds with 60 k hp,for the sake of God please!

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There is a fundamental problem with the design of Wintergrasp: its snowballs with no counterplay.
Whoever wins the first groupfight at Sunken Temple gets over 10 demolishers to just steamroll the other team with. Sometimes they might have catapults, or even 1 or 2 demos, but they make no difference. You could try to farm NPC:s to get a few more: but it simply makes no difference.
And then, if the defending team is winning, there is simply 20 minutes of nothing for both teams.
Honestly I think WG should be taken off the list until you find some ways to fix it.


Epic bgs are just a pain in the a**. Getting farmed by an organized russian team for hours isn’t fun!!!



It sometimes feels like Putin bought epic bg’s for his people. =D