Feral Druid Adjustments Coming Soon - April 3rd 2023

Omen of Clarity will no longer proc from Gift of the Wild.

So, Boomy got massively nerfed in ICC T10 2p, lost 15% dmg, pre-pull.

2 pieces: When you gain Clearcasting from your Omen of Clarity talent, you deal 15% additional Nature and Arcane damage for 6 sec.

Could you just please for once stop tinkering with the game, stop changing the content, stop changing the spells, glyphs and talents, stop changing mob mechanics and/or XP and loots in dungeons and raids dungeons, stop throwing XP boosts and level 70 characters after people, stop adding heroic+ modes and finally just stop using Classic servers as beta testing realms for retail. You don’t know what you’re doing, that’s obvious to everyone and you’re doing far more damage than good. Just please stop. WotLK is great as is, stop trying to drag it down.

As a Feral, I’m not really a fan of you guys neutering my Boomkin brethren later down the line with this change when the threat issue was easily solvable in a myriad of other, less intrusive ways including but not limited to:

  1. Making Bear Form’s threat modifier not apply to Cat Form abilities (Rip and Rake specifically.)
  2. Making Cower actually useful.
  3. Giving our Cat Form abilities a passive threat reduction.

The fact that, were Blizzard capable of accurately recreating their own game, Faerie Fire would have already been able to proc Omen (albeit not at 100%) is insult to injury.

I hope you plan on compensating Balance players in ICC if this change is to stay.

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You… cant honestly believe that this is how it works lol. Dont get me wrong, Blizzard is a horrible company. But… lets not go too deep into the conspiracy theories.

Feral needed a buff, same as Ret. Check the logs, for the amount of energy required to play proper the results were horrific. And this was the tier with the so called “best tier bonus” yet Feral fell even further when compared to Naxx.

I am afraid that this buff will be “too much”, but unlike the Ret one where you just macro it into all ur spells and still play the same. Our buff will need proper play to use correct and max out.

Could be too much down the road. As for now ? Feral will be doing more than fine.

Warriors were trash tier in original wrath. Feels fine to me. If you want to play warrior, go classic era or retail.

Tell me you never played original Wrath without telling me you never played original Wrath.


Tell me you have rose coloured glasses without telling me you have rose coloured glasses.

What conspiracy theory? It’s obvious, Brian quit at Blizzard and changes like these keeps coming in. Warriors atm are only viable in pvp, you take a feral over fury any day even before this buff because of cr and innervate.

By viable you mean broken in pvp?
And could you stop complaining pls? Wars were literal gods one xpansion, good second expansion and will be good the second half of this expansion.
Meanwhile ferals were bad first 2 expansion and are still bad, same story with rets.
Let other classes have atleast some fun.


i recall them being strong inn naxx, which is supported by method’s full naxx run if you want to dispute it. i also remember them “dropping off” inn ulduar, early TOC, but they were NEVER bottom barrel.

The only reason people are complaining is because they opened the flood gates, i had no issue about going into this with the last phase being the patch we’re running on untill they started buffing other classes, higher utilty ones at that.

Rets were still brought in over warriors because of their utility and a ret could always dual specc into a great healer or a great tank, same with druid. Wow is not a pvp game so shouldnt be based around that.

Some people saying the buff was too good and needs nerf. Those are warriors in disguise, do not let them fool you.
On Ignis top 1 feral has +700 dps over previous top 1 pre-buff feral. 7.5% increase. Also new top 1 feral is 240 ivl, old one is 234 ilvl.
Feral buffs are absolutely fine. +700 dps for top 1 feral ISN’T that much, and bearwaving sucks btw, im so glad it is gone, thank you for it.

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Warriors don’t want you nerfed, they want warriors buffed. On the other hand Ferals performing the way they are right now, will absolutely kill Rogues. Considering Feral is looking to be able to outdps Rogues…Why would you ever bring a Subtle or Assas Rogue over a Feral when Feral has CR and innervate. You might bring 1 Combat rogue for the physical damage buff, but otherwise Rogues have just been made redundant.

5% physical damage nerf is too harsh. Minus whole 600 dps. Top 1 ignis was 11k dps, now it is going back to 10400 dps, where it was before the buff. Make the talent giving 7.5% (1.5% point each talent) damage instead. Atleast bearweaving is gone, it sucks.

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If that’s all it did a nerf like this is fine.

The problem is that a nerf like this isn’t only that. It nerfs bears and pvp as well.

If it nerfed just Cat Pve, it would be fair…
However this nerfs Bear and Pvp too…

And Pvp and Bear absolutely didnt benefit from the Ff buff…

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#nochanges people from vanilla received a lot of mockery, but with every cackhanded change the wisdom of that position becomes more evident. The baboons currently running the show obviously haven’t got the wherewithall to be tinkering with a seminal expansion like Wrath of the Lich King, they should revert all of the “balance” changes and revert to the state of the final patch.

Not to mention the utter arrogance to think you can just blithely hotfix in balance changes to a 15 year old game without any PTR testing

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Feral being yoyoed up and down, meanwhile ignite and deep wounds munching remains broken. GG blizz.

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