First Craft vs. Recraft

quick question and apologies if this has been asked and answered a hundred times already. I just wanted to see if a recraft is really more difficult than if I craft it from scratch for the first time.
I got a crafting order for a Elemental Lariat (418). The difficulty was 315. With a draconic missive (+15) and a concentrated primal infusion (+50) this went to 380. Since my skill is at 381 (with insight) I am able to craft a 418 guaranteed at rank 5.
Now I got a recraft order from a lariat to increase it from 405 to 418. But now the difficulty is 395 which is 15 points higher and no longer allows me to guarantee rank 5.
Is it correct that recrafts are more difficult? This seems a bit odd to be honest but maybe it’s all correct?

Not entirely sure but I read somewhere the OG mats can make a difference to the crafting, so if they used r2 mats previously… forgot where it was posted but look up that

I just don’t understand why a craft from scratch is easier than the recraft. I thought it was just a bug but the difficulty is actually 15 points higher. I don’t know if it’s counting the draconic missive twice?
I can’t see what the original craft was like but this would be rather stupid if that’s causing the problem.

All I know is, I had this issue a bit back with a guys weapon… then I read somewhere that there was something to do with using lower rank materials in the previous crafts. I get what you mean though, it is confusing

I watched a video on recrafting on Youtube and noticed that material quality affects the skill in the crafting window and not the recipe difficulty. So if the difficulty goes up, it would seem like shouldn’t be because of the materials, although in this video, the difference was in the materials used for the recraft and not the materials originally used for the item.

I think someone needs to test this. Craft the same item twice with low and high quality materials and see what changes in the profession window.

OK, so I did the test making some Master’s Wildercloth Fishing Caps. Fantastic recipe for skilling up tailoring, so making Q3 with no inspiration and Q4 with inspiration.

Using Q2 mats, my first two crafts were inspired, but on a third one, I made a Q3 and then swtiched to Q3 mats and made one more that turned out Q3.

Recrafting these, the ones made from Q2 materials give me a skill of 290 (recipe difficulty is 400), but the one made using Q3 materials gives me a skill of 300.

So yes, original materials will affect the skill you see in the profession window. Also, the inspired Q4 crafts made using Q2 materials look exactly like the non-inspired Q2 craft when recrafting (290 skill) even though the item quality itself is of a higher level. I think that’s something that doesn’t seem 100% fair and could probably be improved?


  • Original materials affect the skill the recrafter sees in the craft window.
  • Inspiration on the original craft doesn’t affect skill or difficulty of recrafting.
  • Recipe difficulty does not change based on materials.

My issue is definitely not my skill level. That’s pretty much fixed based on my JC skill, tools, accessories and the insight.
Not sure I can post screenshots here but I have a brand new 418 Lariat craft from scratch.
The required skill for that was 380.
I have a request for a recraft to 418, the required skill was 395.
I also have another request for a recraft to 418, the required skill here was 410.

My own skill level hardly changed because it’s not really linked to the item but whatever that requirement from the item itself is… it’s not fixed and sometimes makes it impossible for me to craft a rank 5.

Good materials increase the skill points you get for the craft and original materials carry over (at least to some extent).

I took screenshots. For the cap original craft, Q2 materials gave me 250 skill and Q3 materials gave me 300 skill. On recraft, the difference was only 10 skill (290-300), but it was there.

First craft is using rank 3 mats to craft a “fresh” and new one. 380 required. At the time I only had 377 skill but u’ll see that’s due to my own skill. I got a better tool and improved it to 381.
However, both the recrafts for a different Lariat have a requirement of 395 or even 410 respectively… using rank 3 mats. So judging by what u are saying the previous ones were done using worse mats? This is pretty sh** for anyone recrafting something.

I guess just offer free recraft. Only a click of a button isn’t it! Their gold. Save it by using better mats first off!

Good luck trying to explain this to the uneducated customers.
For me, most of them just trust me and others think i’m trying to scam them.

It’s a bug. I create a thread about that.

When item was originally crafted lower rabk materials were used. Probably rank 1 or 2 diamons. And initial craft procced with inspiration. When you are recrafting you only use clasp and harmony. But diamond remains low rank and can’t be replaced. Rank 2 diamond is around 1500 gold. Rank 3 6-8k. Recrafting mats are 300 gold. Usimg rank 2 diamon and then recrafting costs 2100 gold. Using rank 3 diamond and then recrafting costs 7600 gold. This gold difference is penalizes with difficulty increase. Otherwise any item could just be crafted with for example 17 rank 2 primal alloys then just recrafted with 4x rank 3 alloys and there would be no benefit to craft initially with r3 mats.

Problem is that crafters can’t see difficulty when they link item. And you have people who cheaped out on start of expansion having 389 item that got to that level with gods intervention now sending you that item with 418 infusion, missive and even embelishment demanding Q5 guaranteed and you can’t even guarantee rank 4 until u recraft it twice with max lvl mats (each recraft with max quality mats replaces 25% of original mats)

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