Forest lords antlers gone?

Is this a bug or am I mistaken that Forest Lords Antlers from the treasures achievements is gone? I just needed 1 treasure tonight and I didn’t get anything rewarded.

Don’t tell me they took it out of the game…

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How strange to fix it. Even if it was a mistake, why change it after the fact? It’s not exactly gamebreaking, they should just have left it the way it was with people already having it.


As of a hotfix that went live a few minutes ago, the Treasures of the Emerald Dream achievement again rewards Forest Lord’s Antlers.

If you’ve completed the achievement and not received the reward, logging out and back in should do the trick.


Yay, thank you! Everyone can have their lil birbs!

I can’t describe how happy I have been these past two days whenever I sat down on my owl butt (love that flightform) and then have small birds joining me. Utter bliss.

Nice! Thanks! I do appreciate the leniency, the item is quite cool and I get that they wanted to save it for something bigger than the treasure hunt.

But just taking something out while others were able to achieve it and keep it, over a period of days, is not okay imo.

They apparently hotfixed it to give it back. However they have now broken the achievement. My monk has looted all the treasure’s but wont get credit for The Reliquary of Ashamane Treasure which prevent the The Treasures of the Emerald Dream from being completed. No achievement no loot either.

I submitted both a ticket and a bug report (not holding my breath the bug report will be read). Hoping they can give me the credit.

In the announcement it was mentioned that originally the antlers were supposed to be awarded from the achievement ‘Dream On’. I’ve searched ingame but can’t find such an achievement.

PS: I love the antlers. The birds are amazing.

Lucky you none of characters have the antlers even the ones that did complete the achievement. So I am stumped. One character cant complete it today and the other 2 dont have it at all.

Re-log. It worked for me.

Apparently I am dumb. It’s a transmog and not a piece of gear :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not in bag, just open collections window.

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Yea just saw that and Thank you :slight_smile: Now the only issue is the characters not getting credit for the achievement.

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