Former endgame raider LF Guild!

Hi guys,

After a break, and couple of months playing Classic TBC, I’ve decided to return to the game. And because of that, I am looking for a guild. Either a danish or english.

My name is Christian, im 31 years old and I live in Denmark with my son.
Back in WoD and Legion i was an endgame raider, and that’s a thing I actually miss.

I will prefer playing Resto Shaman (That was the char i was raiding on back in the days), or Balance druid. I can play either Alliance or Horde, I will just change chars. All of my chars are Horde atm.

I am able to raid almost every day, as long as it is after 19:30 CET, since i gotta get my son to bed.

What more to say? I am not sure. Since I’ve had the break, my chars are not up to date, but I will play many hours / day, so hopefully it would be great again soon, even though I got 216 ilvl equipped in resto gear.

If you want to get more information from me, feel free to add me on Bnet: Quintey#2405 or in Discord Quintey#8400

Im looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards
Christian / Quintey

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Still searching for a new home!

What realm are you looking for a guild on?

Contact me on Zwut - Ravencrest realm

Hi Christian,

Hope youre well - We would love to chat with you in regards to raiding on your balance druid with us.

This is our guild recruitment post, if it interests you please do add me on BNET: Psykick06#2401

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Quintey!

The Gauntlet [A] on Nordrassil/Bronze Dragonflight is looking for a few more players to fill the hc and mythic raiding team for SoD, we’re currently 8/10 HC + 1/10 M. Mainly a disc priest/holy paladin healer or any ranged dps are needed. We raid Thursdays & Sundays 8-11 pm SVT + an optional raid on Tuesdays (heroic when we’re in mythic).

We’re a friendly but serious raiding team who expect players to prepare and want to improve while still having fun! Doing mechanics well and being able to perform at least green logs in HC and M is expected. We don’t have a set 20 player mythic crew but will tailor what classes to use for each fight and rotate flexible spots. So we’re a good team for someone who wants to raid 2 times per week most of time while still having the occational night off due to IRL schedules for example. Most of us are from GB or SWE and in our 30’s, so we’re a mature group :slight_smile:

Add me at #Frippe2043 on discord for a chat if you are interested! Hope to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Hey Quintey,

Putting this here to see if you are interested: [H] <Archaic Order> 1/10M 9/10HC 1-day Raiding Guild

hello, we are still forming, but check us out. :slight_smile: