Found my guild

This can be deleted.

Hi Bluffi,

I realise my guild isn’t a perfect match bur it can certainly be a good match I’d say.

We’d like to get a few more people like you described about yourself.

However, we do have one raid night on the Fridays (the other day is on Monday night)

Our raids are between 20:00-23:00h server time.

To us it is no problem if you want to stop before a raid ends (or to join late), the question is: is it a problem for you?

You can read up more on who we are and what we do in [A][Eonar][5/10 CN(h)] <BEAST> Join us in 9.1 for Sanctum of Domination. No raiding experience? No problem :-)

Or you can ask me questions directly by adding my battletag: Thorck#2781

Hey Bluffi! I’m the GM of Noobs with Keyboards (NwK), just here to drop off some info about us!

We are a newly created social Guild with semi-hardcore aspects. We treat our Guild as a safe space for players of any skill level and experience. We do current content activities, where we can, such as current content raiding, and M+. We also run old content for achievements, transmog, mounts and pets, and more! We also try to arrange some form of Guild event once a week :smiley: . We are on EU Draenor

Here’s the recruitment post for you to look through, if you like :slight_smile: If you have any questions please feel free to add me on Discord: Dan.#9870

Cheers for the replies! Added for chats, in meanwhile still looking for a guild!

I know our raiding time isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but the trade off is that instead of having to commit 6-9 hours a week across 2-3 days you’re only committing 1 day to raiding. Does mean that you’d need to give that extra hour on the Thursday.

If you’re up for considering the 1-day a week (Thursday) but for 1 hour extra, I believe we meet the rest of what you are looking for. Happy to chat.

Alternatively we do run an alt HC raid on Tuesdays with no time requirement so you could leave whenever.

Hey there!

Saw you looking for a guild and decided to pitch in.

Remix - Silvermoon [A]
New guild with the aim of getting Aotc and progress as far into mythic as we can.

Raids: Wednesday and Monday from 7pm-10pm servertime, with an optional alt raid on Fridays 7pm-10pm servertime.

I’ve added you on bnet and hoping to have a more in-depth chat with you?