FPS problems.Big ones


After patch 8.1 my game runs terrible.Last night i had 100-110 fps,now I have barley 30.Anyone who had issues and fixed them? Thank you.

(Lonecreek) #2

Same here. All addons up to date, even ran without any addons enabled. Dropped from 90 to 20 after the patch. Even when it hits 30-40 occasionally it’s still super choppy.

(Dargonix) #3

Having fps issues aswell , i used to have above 80 to 100 i capped it , now it can’t go over 40 with everything to the lowest and addons updated and disabled later

(Lonecreek) #4

Disabled all addons. Cleared cache and WTF. Uninstalled drivers and got the latest ones. Still no luck. My FPS is shocking, still, and even on the rare occassions when it hits 30+ it’s choppy and awful.


Same here I’m on live chat with Blizzard.I’ll let you guys know if we find a solution


Think I have found a fix, well worked for me, go to System, Advanced, there is a drop down box labelled graphics card, change from Auto Select to your graphics card. My FPS just went from 40 to 123 with that one change!


So I just got off the chat with Blizz employee.

Let me recap real quick.On December 11th im doing Uldir with 80 FPS.On the day of the patch December 12th Im in a corner with zoomed in camera with 40 FPS.So the Blizzard employee said it was my GPU, that it is too old,which is true but never the less 3 hours before the patch hits I’m running the game at 80-100 FPS(since I’ve limit the FPS to 100).

He told me its not their problem and that I need to run the game at lower settings.Here is the kicker tough,it doesn’t matter if I’m at the 7 settings option or 1.I always run at 30-40.He also said that 8.1 brought huge graphical updates.A patch with rep farm change and some abilities changes, caused my PC to run with 30-40 down from 80-100.Can you imagine that. :smiley:

I just figured its time to rethink on giving money to a company which never takes responsibility and its time to stop my subscription.Keep in mind I even played through WoD. This company has lost all its credibility in my eyes.

Its just a personal opinion if you enjoy what they are doing and you still think they have your best interest and working towards it, I’m happy for you.Enough for me. Until they show that they care about their customers WoW is not an option.

After a chat with a GM about my FPS mysterious drops to 40 from 100

I’m having the same issue since 8.1 between 36-40 fps even with everything off / minimum dx 11 and 12, with and without addons, and regardless of whether i have resolution scale at 33% or 200%, its certainly not my hardware, im running a 1080 and 6700k with 16GB of ram.

i’ve done fresh installs of both the game and gpu drivers and every other game on my system is running exactly the same as they were pre 8.1

(Dargonix) #9

Any updates?


I have the same problem. 8.0.1 was working smoothly on my NVidia 1070+Win10, with graphics quality set to 7. Now in Stormwind I have 20-25 FPS, in Boralus 10-15 FPS. This is with graphics quality lowered to 6. Game recommends to change quality to 4, at this level FPS in Boralus is 20-25. I also have input lag now, previously my character reacted to keys much faster. I have upgraded drivers to latest ones yesterday, so they should be up to date.

(Zaflis) #11

How do you even display that high FPS now? I’m using old GTX 960 and testing in random place in Tiragarde. DX11 reported 117 fps but DX12 locks to 60 no matter what, so i can’t compare. VSync and triple buffering are disabled and max framerate is uncapped. And i did just now update my driver too.


Hard to tell what is important here. Maybe fast memory? In the past I wanted to improve results in BOINC and bought 16GB of RAM with highest frequency which my mobo supports. I also have WoW on SSD drive, but this probably does not matter here. And my CPU is i7-2600K, so it is a bit old now.

BTW, at quality level 3 FPS on Boralus increased to about 40.

(Dargonix) #13

Ive scanned and repaired my game , also updated to latest graphic drivers ( it made the game not run at all) , downgraded once , still doesn’t work , reverting to my 2 month old driver now , and scanning again. Will keep a eye on this thread


Since I manually selected my videocard on System, Advanced I am getting a solid 80-100 fps on a GTX760 at 2560x1600 prior to this it was in the 30’s. I am running old drivers as I have a second display linked to a GTX580, if I switch to that I get a good 80 fps at 1080p.


i made a topic with the same problem and it went largely ignored, for several months now, so I made a new one and no one gives it attention

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Ok so I’ve been on several live chats with Blizz support since 8.1 hit and together we have done everything imaginable to no avail. My latest chat told me that it’s now a known, archived issue, that is being investigated and I was promised updates via forums/ticket.

My forum post is here and I will be keeping updated with whatever the Blues tell me.