Free Character Transfer Stuck On Razorgore

I don’t think they can do it, sadly.

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Lmao here’s the first sucker being stuck :rofl:


try Golemagg

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was always going to happen to someone. you gambled and lost with those characters, your not getting a move now


Yeah, either payed transfer to Gehennas or try free transfer to Golemagg, before Blizzard has bright idea to lock payed transfer to Gehennas or free transfers from Razorgore to anywhere.

To OP in case you missed this

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Paid Transfers are still open. So that will be the route you have to use.

Blizzard should open a free horde character transfer from Razorgore to firemaw… the only sensible thing to do right now


Yes they can do that 100%. The question is if they want to do it!

I knew it would happen to someone.

Kudos on not raging though.

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for old players like us, we saw it coming hehe

Stay there.


Its not really good because now my characters are stuck (unsure how this could be good?)

Months ago they closed character creation on Firemaw, and my friend couldn’t play with me as he just came for Wrath. With character creation closed for Firemaw, and paid transfers closed for Firemaw, the only stable server we could play on was Gehennas. Hence I moved myself to be able to play with him. My server already died before I moved to Firemaw. Said server even had ques at some point of its lifetime. Now its dead, and nothing is preventing Firemaw from becoming dead. Years ago, when clear issues arose by dying servers, or population imbalanced servers they could have had fixed it, implement what they did for Retail, merge servers (just a head note that private servers are capable of merging databases, characters etc). Why should a player be guilty of trying to navigate this “fiesta” and maze.

We are not guilty of Warcraft team destroying the servers with their bad decisions for the sake of money profit, or a company not caring a grain for their player base as none of the devs actually play the game and see the issues first hand. This game died when this project became just a job for them.

No, gehennas isn’t the only stable server. Admit u want to play on mega server.

Just as I imagined :wink:

Go to Ironforge statistics and scroll all the servers. Look how many have died. I transferred away from Firemaw. I am not looking to “want to play on mega server”. I legit don’t care and would be more than happy keeping a low profile on less known server. I spent 217 days played since classic release, of course I will look to play on a stable and populated server, that is not going kaputt overnight.

The reason why everyone wants to play on “mega server” is because no body wants to be stuck on dead server. Blizzard has shown time and time again they do not care for Classic community nor do they care about coming to terms with what they created and cleaning it up. They have spend more time debating drums and other nonsense instead of fixing what they have done with the servers lets not even talk about bots and other issues. With the revenue from transfers they could have fixed it. Hire more people etc.

We are just playing by the rules they set. I never voted for a shop, or transfers being part of regular player experience.

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if server with 5-8k population is dead to you, then yes, u want to play on mega server.

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There is nothing sad about this. I find this actually rather amusing and as a very positive thing. Invaders got stopped mid-way on their way to ruin Gehennas. Got what you deserved for trying to take advantage of Blizzard’s mistake with free transfers.

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I’m just amazed at people not checking the news updates before initiating a free transfer with a plan like this. Like, they know these constantly change and it’s very little effort to do a quick check.


Yea, that’s what i meant. Ofcourse they can do it as developers but they won’t for sure :smiley: