Free Tshirt Day?


Right, apparently I cannot post links, Blizzard just want to pester me every chance they get I guess. If you type in “WoW Free Tshirt Day” to Google, you should find the WoWhead page for it.
WoWhead has listed a free Tshirt day for tomorrow. But It’s not on the calendar. Is this America only? Am I missing something?

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To post links just type the link, highlight the text and then click the </> icon to make it preformatted text, that won’t make it clickable but makes it copy pastable.

Also wowhead links should be ok unless you aren’t trust level 1 yet??

Edit: is it this? That’s just for the ptr of 8.1.5 is it not or have I misunderstood it? Or got the wrong one?

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It’s a micro-holiday that’s coming with patch 8.1.5 together with a few more (Vash’jir Diving & Wanderer’s Festival). It was revealed at Blizzcon.

I don’t know why Wowhead would have it listed for tomorrow, but it’s not in the game yet.

So yeah, not yet. :yum:


Where do I see my trust level? I grind levels, this should be good for me.
Thanks to both of you for the answer, I will poke someone at WoWhead for answers. :slight_smile:

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Top of the forums is a thread called the ultimate forum guide. In there is a full guide to trust levels and near the end of the thread is a handy user made link to check yours :slight_smile:

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Sweet it works! Thanks for the tip

Go to that link at your own risk lol

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It’s a bit of an unfriendly way to view it but if you search for ‘trust’ it will show all the levels you have. It’s currently showing you as trust level 1.

This post has quite a good explanation of all the trust levels and requirements.


Admittedly I was expecting beans.

I don’t go on the forums all too often. (I have a life… no offence. Actually, I don’t have a life, but I’m spending my not life elsewhere.)
I presume my only requirement left is the visit the forum on 15 different days. I will have it automatically bring me here when I open my internet. Like an additional home page, just so I remember to visit.
Then I can post all my gnomes here.

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