FRESH Community Discord Server THEKAL

Deleted because blizzard announced a PvE Server.

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Kinda curious why you link the NA Server’s Discord on EU :joy:

mhm … damn … I read just the topic name and I was searching for the 2nd pvp server for EU … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

edit : after topic editing by OP, now my reply looks even better !

Apparently I was too fast.
NA Server is called Skyfury, we are THEKAL :smiley:
Thank you Kaz for pointing it out

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Ok. Im in! :slight_smile:

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Server isn’t even live yet and you have a gdkp room? :sob: (Update: room now gone)


Only ONE fresh server for all of EU? Or only one fresh PvP server?

There is only ONE fresh server for all of EU and its PVP
There is another one for US and its only PVP aswell.

But thanks for answering.
Guess I won’t be going fresh after all.


Does anyone know if they’ve released name reservation information?

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Not as far as i’ve seen.

Feedback apparently heard by the server admin and GDKP rooms are now gone

I actually have high hopes for this community :open_mouth:


I thought that name was a joke?

Anyway, only one fresh realm?

it will be back, the server will be full of bots and rmt and GDKP will be the dirty laundered piecing it all together. F gdkp.

no thanks, its going to be a terrible place, now if they added a pve so there was a single pvp and a single pve then sure i’d maybe try it but there isnt so i wont, plus also there is still no RDF anywhere.

in fact i tell you what, you want people on your single gankfest pvp server - make RDF happen

Stay in the city lile boy, queue bgs and ask for dungeons summon right near the entrance so no 1 can hurt you lile boy.

Edit: forget the bg part lile boy

Gdkps never needed a discord to flourish mature and kill worlds

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Nope, I want to quest, to explore and to play out in the world, I do not want to be killed and waste my time doing corpse runs.
I won’t play fresh, unless there is a PvE server. and maybe I won’t play at all in Wrath. You won’t have me to gank on your overcrowded PvP server.
I wish you luck big boi.

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One PvP realm is weird. One faction will crash hard.

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