Friends thread?

(Tifa) #1

Just wondering where the sticky find friends thread went?

(Punyelf) #2

Did it get migrated over? Active topics or something like topics from the last two weeks, got moved to the new forum. Might take some digging now we’ve been up and running a while.

Found it but it’s locked - Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2)

(Tsuyume) #3

If you wanted to post but couldn’t…



(Savoren) #4

Quite a lot of threads are migrated but aren’t unlocked, even active ones like friends thread.

Leveling megathread is the same as well. It has a blue post and even had a post from the day before forum migration so it’s definitely an active thread, yet it’s been left locked on new forums.

(Tifa) #5

Huh weird…it was a sticky also…wonder why that is


someone could always make a new thread

(Tifa) #7

Indeed you should! :smile:


Right now there’s an issue where some migrated threads don’t have access to the full functionality of the new forums, so for lengthier threads, like the friends one, I’d suggest it’s better to recreate it so it can benefit in full. You can of course link to the old thread in the new one. :slight_smile:

The leveling thread I figured it was better to leave locked, as it was going round in circles after a while and a lot of the information is outdated now given the changes coming in 8.1, so it makes more sense for a new thread to spin-up regarding those changes.

(Chocoh) #9

WTB mates, literally all of mine don’t play any more :frowning:

(Tifa) #10

pat I would add you but besides some bored at work forum browsing im not very active myself atm

(Punyelf) #11

I’ve tried to restart it here - Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)

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