Get Your Trading Post Items for February!

Trading post refund item and push internal Error

I should have received the trader’s tenders when collecting through the chest but i don’t get anything.

Am i the only one ?


There’s an issue, as this blue post explains

I hope it has some exciting things in the Trading post moving forward.

We can never have too many (good) armor sets

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When I try to refund an item, it says “internal error” 🫠 I liked the Pirate mog at first, but it looks too glued on and wanted to refund it -.-

there is a refunding issue, you will need to make a gm ticket
Trading Post – All Item Purchases Are Temporarily Non-Refundable - General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

i compleate quest and dont earn 500 point reward and when i try to buy something its tell me “server error”

Work well, like all from the blizz :smiley:

I got 2 subs on 1 account, (Wow1 & Wow2) and only earn 1 accounts worth of tokens.

can we earn another 1 k currency next week or is that all we get for the month? then we cant buy all stuff

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yes, exactly what i said. you will not get more “tokens” for having multiple wow accounts.


It’s currently bugged and you may not receive your item. The Tender will be subtracted, though.


Yyiiiikeees -.-

So I started with 500 tokens only, while others are getting 1100, how come?

just happened to me
luckily it was only 250 tokens that vanished yet i didn’t receive the mog item

gg blizzard entertainment


I think we should all get 500 coins as compensation -.- Or at least 100 I guess …

I bought the flail. So that’s 750 down the drain.

GMs better be able to sort this out.


Thank you all for beta testing!


This feature is really cool actually, just got the wizard hat + cloak combo
looking forward to the future items

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i just got the max points and should have recieved the mount ashadar but its nowhere to be found its not even listed in the mount journal have i missed something here?


Well. Someone has to, don’t they?

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