Giantstalker character boost


friend of mine noticed that Im playing WoW and wanted to join me. He just bought character boost, but Im playing on fresh realm giantstalker and he cant use it there. Do we know for how long? Can he ask for refund?

Kinda strange when you have shop icon for character boost right next to your character on this realm and you cant use it there after…

Thanks for replys :slight_smile:

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The fresh realms are supposed to keep their “fresh” tag (and therefore no boosts etc) for 90 days.

I am too lazy to count, but a rough estimation is that at least november it is still locked
(announcement was end of august : New Fresh Start Realms Available with Pre-expansion Patch - WoW Classic / Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums ( )

And in this thread the restrictions were mentioned, with an additional blue post that they intent to keep it locked for “at least” 90 days)

New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic - WoW Classic / Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

The question regarding a refund is a question for the CS team. :slight_smile:

Not strange at all as giantstalker is a fresh realm.

They might be able to use it at the start of December.

I believe 90 days are up.
Can we have any info about this please? We would like to use our boosts.


I am extremely interested about this as well.
By my counting 90th day is 28th of november. Maybe its coming on weekly reset?
But sill would we great to get some confirms on it.
I mean, it can’t be a secret or anything, can it? :smiley:

I was hoping for an announcement this week, but forgot DF launching so I am not sure how realistic it is to expect an update on the boosts. The blocked out icon is definitely taunting me :smiley:

Not too sure if they want to unlock it same time as transfers, because in that case they might want to hold it off even longer.

They never said that the 90 days was final, though?

Think they said for “atleast” 90 days, which could mean 1000 days, or 91.

Correct me if im wrong though, i only vaguely remember the dev post.

The product on the battlenet store specifically mentions it cannot be used on realms released during prepatch. I don’t expect this to change until the item on the shop has it’s description changed.

Yes, you are right. They might as well enable it with Phase 2 for all we know! Any update on it would be nice, though :innocent:

Yeah, understandable.
Just dont want people to get false hopes over the 90 days:P

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Theres no reason to keep it locked for longer than 90days though… at this point the only people playing on giantstalker are those of us who are invested in it or have relations here… everyone else is playing on thekal…
The boost, atleast on giantstalker. Couldve unlocked 60 days in and it would have been fine… theres really no reason to not allow those of us who have it laying around just waiting, to use it.

Considering their prio is DF now and that transfers in classic would cannibalize on retail i highly doubt they will enable it. I might be wrong though, because recently Blizzard performed a big W giving jin’do players free transfer back to Thekal.

They said “at least 90 days” with an expressed desire to keep it locked forever if population permits this.

Therefore absent a post telling you it’ll be available, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It’d be stupid not to open it up fir those of us who bought the epic edition etc and decided to play on the fresh realms… i understand a temporary lock… but not allowing it now that its only those who are invested into the servers that will boost there, is just stupid.

Has anyone heard any date yet when the remove new?

I don’t think we will hear anything until it’s activated.

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