Guild chat/tab unavaliable

Recently joined a guild, hadn’t logged in directly after invitation but once I had I discovered I couldn’t see or interact in chat or the guild/community feature, at all.

My first thought was that I’d been kicked but got in touch with people from the guild and after many tries with disabling addons, deleting wtf folder etc they, by getting me into a party and doing I don’t know what, eventually managed to get me and my main in and I could communicate with the guild as per normal.

I logged out, played another alt, time elapsed and then I logged back in to find the situation had arisen again. No way of interracting with guildies as we do in-game. Question is: is this a settings problem from the guild’s side when inviting people or is it something from my side? I got in before and eventually everything worked but the situation arose directly I logged out.

This is no fun at all and would appreciate any answers/insights ppl and/or Blizz could give which might solve this issue.

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