Guilds for (mostly) non-combat characters?

Hi! I’ve been playing on AD for a little while now and would like to find a nice rp guild to join.

I can play either faction and am always happy to make a new character to fit in somewhere so theme isn’t really important to me as long as it fits with my ooc wants.

As the title suggests, I’m looking for guilds that don’t do a lot of fighting events, though occasional ones are fine. I tend to play a lot of non-combat characters or ones that are kind of just starting out on their paths. I do really love character-driven rp and interacting with a variety of different personalities.

I’m not a fan of guilds where no one is online in-game unless it’s event time and would like a guild that also rps casually between their events.

I know there are lists of guilds out there, but I wanted to get some opinions based on experience. In the past, I’ve noticed a lot guilds that claim to have have space for non-combat characters are still 95% combat-focused in practice.

Thank you for reading!


Hey, I can only speak about those I know, so that happens to be the one I’m currently in (Circle of Ash). Most of the events have to do with exploration & research and combat events are kept intentionally rare due to the concept alone. Additionally, since many guilds are very combat heavy, a lot of us are simply burnt out by them.

Casual RP happens as often as possible & events don’t usually extend past 1h 30mins to give that time for interaction afterwards. However, we’re still fairly small so obviously can’t provide around the clock casual RP like many larger guilds and communities can. Also important: It’s night elf (or night elf worgen) only. Not sure if that is your thing.

Here’s the link if you’re interested: [A-RP] The Circle of Ash 🐍

Good luck with your search!

Edit: The Melorian Circle might also interest you! [A-RP] The Melorian Circle 📖

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If you’re looking to play an undead character, I would recommend:

We have a nice balance of RP styles and events, combat RP happens but there’s a good core of people that do everything else too. Usually we’ll have a few people on during the evenings to do casual RP in the Sepulcher or wherever we end up travelling to (for example: we’re currently based in Northrend).

Appreciate the mention! <3

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Howdy! Hope your search is coming along well.

Our own new(ish) guild has a very minute interest in combat, if one at all. We just wanna teach people how to use magic that isn’t Arcane/Light in a way that will (hopefully) make society hate us a tiny bit less.

Umbrage Decorum

Feel free to giver us a shout if this interests you at all! ^^

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I’d advise you to pop along to legion dalaran on a Tuesday evening. the place is filled with guilds made up of more merchants and other non-combat oriented things. also on a Sunday in Stormwind there’s the hummingbird’s in there shop near the blue recluse.

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