Guilds that don't entirely rely on discord?

Hello there.

Apologies for this rather peculiar request.

I’m a long time player (H), currently with a max level, ilvl200 character.

I’m looking for more than a guild; a community, friends, and people to socialize with. I do a wide variety of things in the game, including raiding and m+.

I’ve been having some difficulties however. Many guilds are dependant on voice chat. And due to my anxiety issues, that doesn’t work out too well for me. If the voice chat is a side thing it’s fine, I can listen in, I may even muster up the courage to use it myself at some point, thought it’s not easy. However, and this is the main point, I’m looking for a community which isn’t solely dependant on voice chat, as primary communication. In my current group, I’m simply overlooked because I don’t have a mic, and that’s been rather difficult for me. It’s difficult to group and do things together, or just generally socialise because my lack of a mic makes me invisible.

Maybe I’m being unreasonable here, but are there communities out there which I could fit into still?

maybe share your main class and server info so people can help?

Looking to get accepted as a player, not just for my class, can move server.

I never spoke on voice chats with my guild and they’re fine with it.Everyone learned to read what i type. Both me and our bear are only typing. Gchat is quite active usually even with discord voice chat :slight_smile:
This is our post, if you think you’d fit…but i gotta admit, they’re insane.

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