Guilds, their relevancy and wPvP

Really hard, because this will obstruct people from playing with their friends, and will further separate the community.

I do PvE, PvP and I would love some RP on the side as well. If I enter a server dedicated yo just PvP I am 100% sure I will miss out on PvE and RP.

Therefore being able to change between PvE, PvP and RP mode would be ideal for me. I know you believe that wPvP is dead or that is Horde controlled across all realms but that’s not the case.

All forms of wPvP we have now are pretty balanced in regards to faction numbers.
We just need these wPvP hubs to become more fleshed out, fun and interesting.

I guess the issue is that they have had all these things before. There used to be PVP, PVE, RP PVP and RP PVE servers.
If these were successful over the years they would still be in place but ultimately allowing a switch for PVP like we have now is a more sensible solution. It allows anyone anywhere to opt into PVP whenever they want to.
RP i understand ringfencing these servers as non RPers would probably spoil the immersion completely.

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But, as Punyelf linked me, they are actually doing that in SOD
I didn’t even know about it and I sent that idea in Suggestions around 2.5 or 3 years ago :smiley:

That solution works for Classic players and new realms. We need solutions for retail and existing realms. Also, what they are doing is not what you suggested. And what they are doing is not guaranteed to succeed every single time.

Lastly, give it some time and when it becomes obvious which side dominates which realm, third party sites will be created and instruct new players or new characters to enter Alliance or Horde based on who is dominating who in each realm.

And who’s fault is that? For about 5 years I have played on Ragnaros which at that time was probably most balanced EU server
Then, one day, Blizzard decided to alowe FCM (free character migration) to Alliance OFF the server, and for horde TO the server, even though, server balance was 52/48% in horde favor
Why did they do that, I have no clue. but it was stupid move which completely destroyed server’s pvp. After that I gave up and left to one other server which was 99% Alliance because I just had enough.
That happened before Legion and then they started with testing sharding, which was again a disaster. They combined my server which was at best full, never locked, with two horde servers who are locked to this day. Kazzak and Stormscale. So two incredibly high populated servers against one fully populated server + adittion to other horde servers which was less populated and Alliance which was even lesser populated hahaha.
Logic went out through closed window

Oh about that, I will quote myself from another thread where I explain how it can be avoided… :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

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On AD we suffer this a great deal already in all aspects of the game. I would be really upset if a huge influx of pvpers moved to the realm just so they could get no sharded or phased PVP just to have there fun.

With PVP usually comes a great deal of griefers and toxcitiy.

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I don’t see any reason why it wold not work for retail too. This is a start and a start in good direction

Well that’s why we used to have option, Flag out of pvp, or something like that.
I am old and my memory is failing

Retail is moving towards realms don’t matter and you can do anything from anywhere.

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Yes it does, unfortunately, but here is solution for that too. We have tons of low populated servers in EU. Let’s make this pvp servers like in SOD now and offer FCM for players there to other, let’s say medium population servers. Then designate this servers as optional choice for people who want this type of servers.
Is there anything wrong with having multiple options? I think not
And on top of that, it would provide Blizzard in which direction they should go

It’s because of the low populated realms that we are moving forward with the region wide approach. Guilds are going to be cross realm next expansion, you can already pug cross faction and realm, much of the AH is region wide.

So that ship has sailed for Retail but it’s interesting to see on Classic where people are realm based.

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I still don’t see any valid reason why they shouldn’t do that.
It can only bring benefits to multiple options in game and it would not cost them much in any way. neither monetary nor timely.

Problem is, people who are against this are probably afraid that this BFF’s drama we have now would fail in the deep water if people choose other way, which I think, they would.

Not many people likes direction of WoW now. 30 years of hostilities to be estinguished in one expansion is horrible idea

Because we are sharded in Retail, realm balance is pretty meaningless and that barrier is being eroded more and more every improvement they make.

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No it’s not, because sharding don’t work. I recently checked wow token price on low pop server Neptulon, then I checked on high populated server where my main is, then I checked it on Kazzak. All three different servers had different price of wow tokens.
So if this is variation of wow token,s you can imagine variations of prices for any other stuff. Mats, crafted items, BOE etc.

Sharding brough nothing but problems except for those who think faction war must end and that is definetly not a majority of playerbase.

More and more guilds are forming where they don’t allow characters of other faction even if they are someone’s alts. my guild on my main is the same. No horde allowed

Sharding is how Retail works, regardless of how you feel about it personally. When I had to play in WM on I saw a lot more people from different realms because less players like to play in WM on. Once I reverted to WM off I mostly see people from my own realm. This is purely because I’m on the busiest realm. On lesser populated realms you’re still likely to see players on other realms regardless. Ofc every time I join a pug group I shift shard. I even shard hop if my friend invites me to group.

In Classic they use layers (similar system but realm based) to cope with the volume of players and phase them out over time when they are no longer needed and the playerbase numbers stabilise.

The price of a wow token is set region wide. There is no per realm price. You can track the EU price here, each region (EU/US/Korea/Taiwan etc) has it’s own token value.

You can even trade gold cross realms now, meaning you can move gold from one server to another or meet up and buy things off other realms in a trade, within the usual confinements of trading gear ofc.

In the past Blizzard has tried their equivalent of realm merges called connections but they stopped doing those. Since then we have seen more and more of a region wide approach which is constantly evolving. The next thing will be cross realm guilds in the next expansion.

Actually sharding is 5 years old abomination upon this game :smiley:
For me it is different. Since I turned WM off I only see more horde with WM on and even more Alliance with WM off.

Remove sharding and you get layers. Simple

Check the servers.
When I looked it prices was 420k Neptulon, 382k my server 364 Kazzak. Explain :slight_smile:
Note. kazzak is highest populated server of this three I checked

They aren’t going to make us realm based I’m afraid. Everything they are doing is to move us region wide.

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We will see. I hope they will

Token price when I’m on a Draenor Char

Token price when I’m on a Silvermoon char

Token price when I’m on a character I’ve just created on Neptulon