Guilds, their relevancy and wPvP

They had this in Legion and most recently in the Dragon Isles aka Cobolt Assembly. Just like every expansion they have put these zones in, they are abandoned and void of any action. I would say they have tried… yet again.

Yah, hey tried without even thinking of faction imbalance and trying to fix sharding. As I said. People will show, if balance is equal. They will not show if I came there for example and I am only Ally player with 500 horde around me. Which happens non stop, at least on my shard. Instead of going easy way with cross faction guilds, groups and god knows what else they will think off, they could fix faction imbalance and sharding first because until they do that, wpvp is mostly dead. You have 1 faction, horde, who don’t even think of turning wpvp off because they don’t have to. And you have one faction, Alliance who turn pvp on only when there is weekly to kill a number of horde.

The ones in TBC are really barebones to what I have in mind, although as I said this is a rough idea and I it wouldn’t work because the community would be complaining left and right…

I don’t have all the answers. This post was more “let’s come together and have an interesting discussion about it” rather than “look my awesome idea and why I think it should be implemented”.

Yeap, needed participation from the opposing faction or guilds (if they ever put content in the game that pits one guild against another) is part of the issue. There are implementations of successful wPvP hubs in DF like Cobalt Assembly, it is just we don’t know when a weekly or a WQ will bring people there so some days this area is full of if wPvP and some other days it’s completely dead. So it’s hard to schedule it. Maybe some kind of a “heads up” a few days before a popular weekly or world quests (which will draw people for sure) pops up there is all we need to be able to schedule guild events? Maybe…

Because guilds could have so much content and tools instead of just a shared chat, a calendar and a shared bank. And this is part of the issue…

These were faction invasions which would basically spawn WQs in a zone. And yes, they did a pretty good job into initiating wPvP. Too much of a good job actually. The only problem I would have is that we occasionally had like 2-3 full raid groups from each faction clashing with one another. That’s like 200 players in a shard, the servers could not handle and everyone in that shard would experience heavy lag because of it.

The aforementioned example is yet one more reason of why sharding should still be a thing but then again they cannot stop people from grouping up and entering a certain shard en masse… And I am not sure how this can be fixed.

Balancing player numbers and while keeping faction balance in mind is a very tricky thing to do… Too many people and you lag, too few and the zone feels dead.

Not sure if you ever played the MoP expansion ? That was the last time I ever saw “wpvp” very very active. The sole reason it was a huge success was that were some great rewards that went with the event. You got mounts, transmogs, toys and even some gimmicks that extended into non rated pvp such as the ash that would stop rouges from going invis etc. That is what is missing from the current WPVP.

Cobalt Assembly is not abandoned, it is just dead in certain days until a popular World Q or a Weekly Q attracts people there. I was actually had lots of fun in Cobalt Assembly last week with tons of people there… The videos I mentioned in the original post were from Cobalt Assembly.

I play since Cata and never missed an expansion since then. I was stuck in a PvE realm though and had zero wPvP action. First time i wPvPed to my heart’s content was BFA with the introduction of the godsend Warmode!

Easy. Bring back battlegroups and pvp and pve servers. With warning. You are entering pvp server at your own risk. Don’t complain later if you get ganked as they did pre legion. There was more pveers on pvp servers then pvpers and they constalntly cried how they get killed or ganked .

Imagine that. You are pve player who hate or at least don’t like pvp. You join pvp server at your own will and then you complain how you get ganked or killed on PvP server which you choose at your own desire or risk.

Now in sharding, all the horde is pvp flagged because faction unbalance is so horrible that they don’t even have the need to turn it off ;:stuck_out_tongue:

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I started on a PvP realm, had no idea what it meant. Later I found out there were PvE realms!!! Where you didn’t get ganked.

I think the thing that sparked complaints is when realms started off balanced or biased in favour of their faction changed. Then suddenly they were outnumbered and struggling to play.

Which is when Blizz came up with WM as a solution. I’m not in favour of the incentivizing they’ve done to try and make people use it. I have had WM on for parts of expansions because it gained me more AP. IMO the rewards should be purely PvP orientated. They’ve improved a lot on that front in DF.

True but this is the only time its active which is why it is not such a great success. Remember in Legion the same thing that zone was only active when there was a WQ up. Betcha if they just gave decent and cool rewards for Wpvp then it would be so much more active.

This would be extremely hard to fix because this is player choice. Without imposing a faction cap i dont see any way to do this.
This would just stop people playing if when they started it said “No horde players allowed at the moment, you have to play alliance”

Which is what they are doing on SoD and some players hate it. You can’t go and join friends because that faction is full.

It’s not really relevant for Retail fortunately, we do everything cross realm these days.

Simple task. Disable racials in pvp. Horde racials are much better then Alliance ones and yet, horde keep crying about one racials which makes one class kinda op. Shadowmeld for Rogues.
That’s step 1
Step 2 make factions equal without making them BFF’s Meaning, Story for Alliance should be as good as the story for horde which didn’t happen since WOTLK.
Balance fixed

Exactl what they did with BFA and SL towards Alliance. Don’t play that faction, they are loosers and their racials suck. Go horde. Simplified but exactly what happened

I am against this. People go where their friends are. Or where those who introduced them to WoW are playing. This is how I was stuck in a PvE realm and Warmode was a godsend for me.

Also, I am not sure how this will fix the aforementioned issue since even PvP realms back in the day were faction-dominated as well. As far as I remember people in the forums were complaining about faction imbalance and how battlegroups didn’t fix it. Let wPvP be a choice and if you want more people to participate in it just make it more interesting That’s my opinion on the subject.

It’s never a good idea to force people into a certain style of gameplay and despite believing that everyone who will join a PvP realm will be up for it, that’s not what happens in reality. Also, just because someone plays in a PvE realm doesnt mean they want zero wPvP.

Abd I have already explained this was an issue in PvP realms as well.

How hard would it be for Blizzard to designate, lets say 5 servers fully for pvp. Put on limit of faction numbers in each server, let’s say 5 000. Alliance hit’s 5 000 mark, no new Alliance is alowed in that server untill horde hve exactly the same numbers. then they can raise the number but make it constantly equal. on this servers pvp should always be on so that would mke sure only pvp’ers will join.
Now, you can still have your cross server groups for pve, minus cross server guilds which is stupid idea in the first place if you want to, but not for pvp… When it comes to pvp, well Wpvp that would be only true balance I can think off.

With direction of uniting faction, they should , then completely delete any kind of pvp except arenas. All the battlegrounds, especially first 4 are deeply connected in lore of this game and zones they are in.
Wpvp? What sense it have if we are all friends now :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see any, anyone else?

Psst, read next answer of mine. I explained that better there

They are doing something like that on Classic SoD atm, although some don’t like it, it’s working in the sense of keeping the realm balanced.

It’s a shame they didn’t do this kind of thing back in the day.

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All we need is an excuse for people to show up and people will stay for way more than finishing with the reason they showed up there in the first place. This happens to most (not all) PvP hubs of the week. A hub doesn’t need to be active 100% of the time to be considered successful.

It’s been proven that rewards alone cannot fix anything. You need a combination of rewards + interesting/fun gameplay. If, for example, Cobalt Assembly was not fun, everyone would just do the Q and leave. But many people stay for way longer than that because it’s fun…

Well, they don’t have too like it. Life is not fair also
And I didn’t even know about this. So I am as smart as blizz devs lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I see this as a start.
They should keep improving on that for retail too

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I think it’s also worth noting that things like WM on giving more AP/resources in BfA meant more people used the mode but didn’t necessarily want to PvP. Leaving others frustrated when they were being attacked and others around them ignored it.

Well, I was pvper to my core. Since day I started to play this game which was actually the day it launched. First on U.S. servers and then when game became available on EU.

Alltogeather with all my chars I have around million pvp kills. Never cared about arena too much and especially to rbg’s. I cared about Bg’s and Wpvp.
They actually made me (with they I mean Blizzard) to turn off war mode in SL and never even bothered to turn it on again.
Wasting two hours on doing few quests in a zone because there was no Alliance and million horde every day on every hour and never once on horde alone attacked me.
Not even once :stuck_out_tongue:
If I would accidently found a solo horde and started to fight him or her, all of a sudden 10 more will jump on me.
So, there was no point anymore.
Waste of game time

I think what Binar suggested could be a great solution. See if there is a guild on the other side who’d enjoy it too.

Argent Dawn has had many rp pvp events throughout the years, small scale, large scale, sometimes with strict rules, other times outright pvp. I understand your request, and in theory it’d make sense it’s better if the game provides it. From experience I can say tho that often when it’s player generated I actually found it to be more fun.