[H] 208 Balance Druid LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding guild

Hello im Bloomed a druid on Ragnaros. I am looking for a 2 day per week raiding guild with 19.30/20.00-23.00 times. I am 8/10 heroic at the moment, but i have experiance from 10/10 with Sire hc at 23% best attempt.

I leaved my old guild together with a bunch of other people due to heavy guild management problems, I can explain further if you’d like later on.
I’m willing to transfer for the right offer! :slight_smile:

Providing some logs, they are most from progress and some fights i died, so take it with a grain of salt. Can’t provide links, so i tear it apart a lil’ bit.
warcraftlogs character/eu/ragnaros/%c3%9floomed#difficulty=4

Oh, yeah leave your offers with a B-net tag so i can contact you, QoL :smiley:


Hi there,

Would you be willing to raid 2 days per week at the weekends? 11:00 am until 14:00 pm server time. We are looking for a druid to complete our roster.

Message me if you are interested in talking further: Facebleed#21627

Interested in a guild that is starting hc after new year ?


Kazzak 3/10HC are looking for range dps, such as yourself to continue pushing.

I know its a drop from your current progression however myself and a few others have individually higher progress.

We are an adult and mature guild looking for like minded players. We’ve raided hardcore before but now taking a more family friendly approach

My btag is niyxx#2403 if you wanna talk more or can talk on discord.

Hi ßloomed

We are based on Ragnaros, originally formed in November of 2019 by a group of friends who were tired of clicky and toxic environments within larger guilds. We have grown rapidly as a community with over 400 members and still getting larger – we have mix of social and raid based players, profession teams who support our raiders and a good discord community who are active daily.
We are a guild based on team work, friendship and most importantly having fun during our content.

We are currently re-building our raiding team to push on through Shadowlands with the end goal being in Mythic tier raiding towards the later tiers of the expansion.

We are currently looking to progress in Heroic first to build the team synergy and get used to playing together.
We are currently looking mainly for Ranged DPS as our healer and tank spots are taken within the core team but any exceptional players will be considered.

What do we expect from our raiders?

First and foremost – a positive mentality towards raiding with the patience that comes with progress. This is vital to us as a team.

Come prepared! Fail to prepare or prepare to fail, we ask our raiders to source their own flasks and food where possible. The guild will supply some on occasion for valid reasons but generally we ask our raiders to supply themselves with enough food, flask and oils to last a progression period.

Outgoing and non-toxic behaviour. This is a zero-tolerance area within Sanctify – we are all about raising the confidence of our players – if someone makes mistakes they get rectified in the right manor not by calling anyone out.

Loyalty to our guild, we look to invest in our players, bring them through if they are struggling in a specific area of their gameplay and help people improve as players. All we ask is that you are 100% committed to your team and the guild and will not just leave with no good reason!

Punctuality – we raid twice a week – we ask that you can make our raids as we have tried to make the times to suit the majority of the playerbase but if on a rare occasion you cant make it, please give us notice on discord or in game 24 hours beforehand.

What can Sanctify offer to you and why should you choose us?

We have a strong core group who have been there from the beginning and some have mythic experience raiding so our potential is already strong and can only become stronger with the addition with more experienced players joining our core.

A community who looks out for eachother and helps eachother, somewhere to come and talk and hang out on a daily basis.

Advice, help and guidance from our Officer team on any in game issues you’re faced with

Commitment – if you’re committed to our team then we will honour the same values back to our players.

If our guild is something which sounds attractive to you then please get in contact with us asap.

Discord ShaneyYm#5477

Thanks from us all,