[H] 224 Shadow Priest lf new home!

Hey hey

I’m looking for a new guild as a home and to finish up the current raid tier before 9.1 (I know abit of a long shot here at the end of the tier!)

I’ve been playing since AQ opening event
I’ve been playing my Shadow Priest since end of WOTLK
I’ll Transfer after passing trial of course

Raid times and faction
I don’t wanna swap faction, I wanna stay on horde side!
I can raid any day really
I can raid from 19:00 to 01:00
(Also I only play DPS, I don’t really offspec, maybe in 9.1 I can)

warcraft logs

Raider io

Battle.net Nazkol#2254
Discord Nazkol#6805

Add me to have a talk with me!
Hope to hear some good offers from you all!

Hey :slight_smile:

Ive added you for a chat, speak soon!

Hi Nazkol,

Ive added you on battlenet for a chat… (Psykick06#2401).

Our guild recruitment post is below for your information.


Hi dude, i’ve added you on discord.

Hi there

I’ve added you on discord.