[H] 411 Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest LF Mythic Raiding/Mythic+ guild



I’m currently playing on Shattered Hand and its dead, so so dead. I’m a 411ilvl Holy priest who can also play Disc & Shadow and have 9/9HC multiple clears and 1/9M with a few attempts t Grong. I’m also very keen on pushing M+ and have slowly been dragging myself up and over 1400 this season in toxic pugs with my friend.

I’m sick of logging on on raid nights to see 12 people signed and waiting to go and have the GM eventually call it.

I’m looking to move realms to find a more active, friendly and progressive environment to play in.

I’m 31yo from the uk and would be able to keep up an 80% attendance to most raid schedules, occasionally work will intervene.

If you think you may have a home for me please give me a shout ingame on Potskii#2136.

Many Thanks


Hey there Lummina! Sorry to hear that but I believe many guilds are like that at the moment. I think our guild could be a good home for you though, pasting in some information below:

We’re a mature HC and Mythic raiding guild called Ballmers Peak. Traditionally we’ve been focused on HC progress but in Uldir we also started Mythic progress but only managed to get 2/8 due to some dropping off the game. We’re currently trying to recruit more people in order to be able to do Mythic Progress as well. However, we definitely emphasize a good social environment over hardcore progression and most are new to Mythic progression.

We raid Wed & Sun 20-23 server time.

We’re currently 9/9HC & 3/9M and also have many players who are interested in Mythic+

If you’re interested you can apply at https:// ballmerspeak .net and if you want additional information you can join our Discord https:// discord .gg/HJGBTBa for a chat. Or add me on Discord at ErikB#5940

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Heya! This is my recruitment: [H-DRAENOR] DHX - HEROIC AND MYTHIC RAIDING

We raid 2/3 days a week depending on need, starting in heroic and working our way through mythic. We are a social bunch of loot hos, who live on discord and love mythic plus. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers! :sunglasses:

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Hey Lummina,

I’m one of the GMs of Digital Doom. We’re currently 2/2 heroic in CoS, and 3/9 mythic in BfD. Not sure if we’re gonna keep doing mythic progress in there tbh, kinda winding down the tier now really.

How’d you feel about being 50/50 dps/healer? We’re not over subscribed on healers, but we have a couple who are socials, and just come now and again. So would be ideal to have the flexibility to swap roles.

We have a really good group who push mythic keys, most of them are raiderio rated 1.6k to 2k. So, if you’re friend is decent enough i’m sure they would be welcome to.

Anyway, go check out our website:

www.digitaldoom .uk

Or find some more info on our recruitment thread:

Either way, good luck finding a guild, there’s plenty out there!




Please have a look at our recruitment post and add any of the officers if you might be interested in joining :slight_smile:

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