[H]AeoN - Casual guild for casuals/mature

(Spiritbull) #123

Hey Intra,

That’s a shame buddy :slight_smile:
I’m quite active after 7 PM ST and in the weekends also.
Make sure to add me on bnet :slight_smile:


(Spirithoof) #124

bump :slight_smile:

(Spirithoof) #125

always open for cool mature casuals :slight_smile:

(Spirithoof) #126

Still open for cool casuals!


What kind of progression u guys doing atm just wanna get curve and maybe a mithic boss or 2


I miss you every day! :frowning:

(Spirithoof) #129

Hey mate,

I will be on later today so hit me up :slight_smile:

(Spirithoof) #130

@drunktankie we do no kind of progression :slight_smile:

(Spirithoof) #131

We’re still here! Still looking for cool casuals!

(Spirithoof) #132

We know you’re out there!

(Freakyness) #134

aaaaannnndddd… Im back…well after I dl’d the 50gb file:(

Unintentional bump…sorry not sorry

(Spirithoof) #135

shameless bump for all casuals!


Hey Chronos #2824 I would love to join the guild. At the moment I am in a guild which is slowly dieing. I am almost 26 years old and love to play the game, but not hardcore, since I’ve got a pretty active social life :stuck_out_tongue: At the moment I find it hard to get good groups for mythic + dungeons. I main MW monk in Myth+ with a raiderio score of 714. I would love to pump up that score with some cool and chill people! I have added you in game, you can add me by the tag Incre#2536.

(Spirithoof) #137

Shameless bump!


Hi guys!

I’m a new casual player, I started playing 2 months ago (this character is boosted). I’ve played Lineage 2 for years so I’m an experienced MMO player. 37yo, I live in Australia so I’m usually active during the evening here = midday in Europe. Weird, I know, my colleague plays on Tarren Mill and that’s how I ended on EU server

I would like to join a casual guild and do some dungeons in a non-toxic environment. I haven’t done raiding or mythics yet and I’m mildly interested in these but I’m not fussed if I don’t end up doing them

I’m also interested in learning to tank if you need tanks and you’re ok putting up with me learning :slight_smile:

I have a baby priest, currently lvl 17 and a hunter, lvl 48


oops, I meant to post as this character and not the priest!

(Spirithoof) #140

Hey Dash :slight_smile:
We would be glad to have any mature person within our ranks.
Contact me ingame and we can talk it out.

Keep it up,

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we’re still here!

(Kaminar) #142

Good evening.
This guild sounds just the type I’ve been searching for. I’ve been in limbo since BFA started with nothing really grabbing my attention. Been playing since April '05 and nowadays I’m too old to deal with raiding and/or drama.

I mainly lurk in the auction houses nowadays (when I’m not levelling alts or doing World Quests.)

As a 34yr old father of 1 who barely has time to do much nowadays this sounds like an ideal place.

Would love to have a chat
Guillin#2592 is my battletag :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening :slight_smile:

(Spirithoof) #143

We’re still here! Still open for mature people!