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Hello there Draenor,

I’m looking for a raiding guild to do content and banter with. Overall I prefer top notch banter over top notch raiding but I know how engage into both without looking like a mule in space. I am generally available weekday evenings and can throw in extra hours for progression if needed. My current iLvl is 376 so I guess I’m ready for at least some normal raids.

PS: Despite my name I’m not 14.

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Hi Ivan,

I am one of the GMs of Digital Doom. You’d be more than welcome to join us as a social raider/trial until you get a bit higher ilevel and some experience in the current raids. It would just mean if you’re crap and failing, you’ll just have to sit out. No biggie, and pretty standard. But we’re always happy to give people a shot, even if they are low ilevel and only 14 :laughing:

Go check us out at:

www.digitaldoom .uk

you’ll find lots of info about us as a guild there, as well as raiding information.

Or check out the recruitment thead if you like:

Good luck finding a guild!



Hi there

Here is our recruitment post, add any of the officers if you are interested:

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