[H] Buy One Get One Free Husband & Wife Deal Looking for Good Home

Me and the Mrs are so far over the hill we’re starting to dig a hole on the other side to go back over again.

We’ve been there and done it, and now we’re lost, floating in the ether, guildless, friendless, aimless and pointless. Like a bubble, floating, bobbing on the wind with no direction.

I have no idea wtf I’m rambling on about either, we’re just looking for a nice guild, no more than 2 raid nights per week that isnt about to fall apart, full of arrogance or egos and where we can make some friends and kill some bosses. We’re not looking to hit cutting edge but we’re not necessarily looking to stop at curve either, but this isn’t a dealbreaker if we find the right guild.

I’m a DH happy to play either spec, she’s an ele shaman but possibly rerolling.


Please give us a home, draenor preferably!

Hey there give us a look and me a poke if you’re interested

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Thanks, loved the sound of your guild but raid times are no good at all for us, want to try keep weekends free and 8pm ST start, should have mentioned that in my post

Thanks though!

Hi Phillidari,

Would love to have a chat with you.

have a look at our guild recruitment post, if it interests you please do add me on BNET: Psykick06#2401

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, if faction change is an option for you then I’d love to have a chat with you and the Mrs about Fury on Silvermoon. We are an active social and raiding guild that has been around since 2007. We have two raid teams - one aimed at mythic progression and another aimed at heroic progression. Here’s a link to our recruitment post with all relevant info!