(H) Digital Doom - Recruiting Heroic/Mythic (3/9m, 2/2 hc) and Mythic+ Team! (1.8-2k RIO)


Progress updated.
8/9hc now, after 3 nights.

Still looking for a Resto Shaman.


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Progress updated.

We’re now 9/9 HC and 1/9 M.



Hello, I’m interested in joining. I’ve sent a Bnet invite to all 3 officers.

Look forward to your response!

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Thanks for the add… good talk, shame we couldn’t come to a solution for you.


Still looking for a Resto Shaman with o/s DPS.


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Recruitment requirements updated.

Looking for dedicated M+ dungeoneers.

M+ team ratings range from 1.3k to 1.8k at the moment.



M+ Team is doing well with 4 now 1.8k rated and more to follow.

Still thinking about adding a Resto Shaman with o/s DPS.




Progress updated.

Jadefire down ezpz. 3/9 mythic.

Still wouldn’t mind a Resto Shaman though.

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Holy smokes… Resto Shamans are far and few between! Still looking for one with o/s DPS!



Any Resto Shamans out there?!


Still wanting a Resto Shaman!!!


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Bump for Toejar!


Bump for Gnometroll

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We found a Resto Shaman!

Still taking in DPS for the M+ team and raid team!


New website addresses added

www.digital-doom. co. uk

www.digitaldoom. uk


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2/2normal, and 2/2hc.



LFM DPS. Short on hunters at the moment.


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