[H] Disc Priest LF raiding Guild

I have previous experience in mythic raiding from legion, spent BFA with some HC and M+, now looking for mythic raiding level with 2/3-day progression. Currently ilvl 173


  • Active player
  • 26 Austrian, prefer international guilds
  • All for teamwork, I want to enjoy the game with others!


  • Prefer times between 19-23 CET, Mon - Sun
  • Experienced Core or willing to attain experience together
  • Active outside of raids, not necessarily wow

Bnet: Peddoxx#2209


we are in need of healers atm, so maybe you can check the below recruitment message. if you like it, we can discuss more on bnet.


Hello, Recursion on Twisting Nether, Horde side is currently looking for one more healer; (H) Twisting Nether, Recursion