[H] [Draenor] 220 MM Hunter & 220 Boomie LF Mythic Raiding Guild

Hi guys,

220 ilvl MM Hunter and 220 ilvl Boomie are currently looking for a guild progressing in Mythic raiding :slight_smile:

We are currently 10/10HC with a small amount of Mythic experience in the previous expac (Uldir). While we don’t mind sitting sometimes, we don’t want to be recruited to warm the bench!

It would be a big bonus if the guild is active in M+ too as this is something we both enjoy. We also both have KSM with 1.3k rio.

We’d love a relaxed guild who has a lot of fun, yet is able to be serious when it comes to progression.

*Edit: We’d like to stay Horde & on Draenor so unfortunately we aren’t interested in transferring servers/factions ^^

Battletag: Ela#21238

Many thanks for reading!

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Hey there,

We Arent horde, but maybe its something to consider.

Check our story here:

Hey Elliya,

if you and your friend are open to switching Realms we are currently on the lookout for 2 DPS for mythic progression (3/10 atm), please check our post linked below and in case you are interested just contact me over discord (or in game)

Thank you to all who have replied! We are currently still considering our options ^^