[H] [Draenor] 4 Mythic Raiders LF new guild 6/10 CN

Hi, myself and a few friends are currently looking for a new guild where we can enjoy raiding/M+ and generally have fun with other guildies. We are all 6/10 mythic CN and have many years of raid experience in our current roles. We would ideally want to join a guild with similar raid progression.

The classes/specs we are:
Unholy DK - ilvl226
Balance Druid - ilvl225
Outlaw/Assassination Rogue - ilvl226
Resto Druid (Balance off-spec) - ilvl225

For Patch 9.1:
The DK is wanting to change to a Havoc DH and the Resto Druid is open to playing other healers.

I’ll be checking this thread often for any updates and will get back to you ASAP so please leave your bnet/discord tag so we can chat privately.


Hello there.

If you would be okay transferring please add Faragi#2361 or Xeiion#21283 for a talk.

In short we are a 6M guild working on council.
If you’d like more info, please look up Dawn of War on wowprogress.

Thanks for the offer but we aren’t looking to server transfer at the moment.

Levitate is a fresh guild formed on Draenor. We will be a casual Mythic raiding guild! Where the goal will be to have fun, if we get a good roster we will push for CE! We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 20.00-22.00.

Add me on discord if you wanna talk! mirree#8327

Hey, add me on discord lynkanek#5132 or bnet lynkanek#2659 for more info. As for now we are 6/10 Mythic with closest go on Council 37% on last boss after 40 pulls.

Harm is a semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild based on Draenor. We’re looking to upgrade our roster and build a team capable of pushing for CE in 9.1 while progressing as far as possible into mythic Castle Nathria.

Language(s): English

Raid Times/Days: 2 Days a week

Thursday/Sunday 7:45pm - 11:00pm Server Time

Current Progression: 5/10 M

Recruitment Contacts:

Gp#7365 | Stace#6358 (Discord)

Looking for: All roles are open and all classes will be considered

-Rdps and Mdps (high priority: Warrior)


-Be social and willing to be a part of our community

-Be competent

-Tolerate constructive criticism

-2 week trial

check this, we have space for all 4 of you.

Still searching :frowning:

Hey mate,

In case you guys would be willing to server swap, we are looking for a few more dps and possibly a healer too. Progress is 6/10

You can find my contact details here:

Hit me up on discord in case you are interested.


Hello mate,

add my BNET or discord for a chat if you dont mind.

BNET: Gilko#2890
Discord: Gilko#8609

Heyoo we are a 6/10 M guild on stormscale would love to have a chat disc: a4papier#3255

If you’re open for server transfer, would be good for us to chat.

Hey not sure if your willing to change server but if so we might be able to accommodate all 4 players. we are currently 7/10M

Bnet - Crisis#2645 (GM)
Discord - Macker595#8824 (GM)