[H] Draenor] Affliction Warlock Looking for HC Raiding Guild

'lo there. I’m a returning player who skipped the bigger part of BFA. I’ve been playing since the second week of the expansion, am currently maining an Night Fae ilvl 186 Affliction Warlock and would be interested in finding a bunch of cool people to raid, do world content and maybe even some lower-tier M+. Here’s a quick rundown of my situation before getting into some (hopefully not too contrived) specifics.

  • Raided in Legion as DH in Normal/Heroic
  • Looking for a guild of any size as long as it has fair leadership, friendly people, one or more active raiding teams, and raids 2 days at most (towards the evening GMT/GMT+2)
  • Not interested in Mythic Raiding but open to lower-level M+
  • I treat WoW as a game - will do my best to prepare (guides, consumes), but work/IRL may step in
  • Not a top-tier player but I do what I can to pull my weight, listen to feedback
  • My time as a Warlock hasn’t been too great numbers-wise and I’d like to see if I can handle raiding as Affli - to this extent, I’m half-considering rerolling to something like Unholy DK/Monk/different class

I’m 27, from Europe and use Discord but can hop onto other software if needed. I have a mic into which I occasionally speak, but am also rather introverted and with a random/silly sense of humor that doesn’t always succeed with fellow humans (my cat thinks I’m pretty hilarious, though) but I do know when to stop.

I’ve raided quite a bit of Normal/HC in Legion and the start of BFA, albeit as a Demon Hunter. I’ve also raided in Classic, so I do have the base ideas down, even if that doesn’t make me immune to standing in fire/sparkly death pools of death.

My approach to WoW has always involved treating it as a game, especially since nowadays I’ve less time to spare. I do my best to complete the content that needs completing and come as prepared as possible. I read tactics and am very much open to advice for improving how I play (class woes follow below) but might end up having the occasional set of trouble doing so, depending on how IRL stuff impacts my time.

I’d like to think I’m a decent player, not topping meters, with enough to learn, but ultimately pulling my weight. If that proves to not be the case, I’m also familiar with the notion of being benched/excluded from the raid and will take it graciously, provided it’s fair and justified.

I’ve always enjoyed the class fantasy of Warlock (especially Demonology) but picked Affliction since I was curious about its DoT-flinging playstyle. Over the course of leveling, I found it to be rather underwhelming, at least numbers-wise. I switched to Destro for a while (crafted my first legendary for it) before hopping back to Affliction.

I haven’t had the best time in Mythic+ as a Warlock and I’m not entirely sure if it’s my failing to keep up with a 9-button rotation/dodging mechanics/not pulling stuff (entirely possible) or if the numbers just aren’t in a great place tuning-wise. Needless to say, I’ve seen plenty of Hunters and DKs go brr several times as I’m slowly placing down DoTs on each mob, only to pop half of a Malefic Rupture before they die. I’m also still getting used to transitioning from a super-mobile melee class to a slow(er) caster and haven’t unlocked many of the Death Gate/Demonic Circle tricks.

I realize this isn’t a great way to advertise myself, given the cost of legendaries and potentially being thrown way behind everyone else if I do end up rerolling, but wanted to be up front about where I’m at. Raiding has always been the thing I’ve enjoyed the most about WoW and would like to see at least some of Castle Nathria.

If you’d think I’d have a spot somewhere in your guild’s raiding team, I’d be more than happy to talk. Feel free to leave a reply and thanks for going through my lengthy post.


Check us out and let me know:


hey, maybe you are interested. We are in need of ranged dps.

Ok whow, you sound like a perfect fit for my startup guild. (i’m still working some stuff out, didn’t want to recruit yet but you sound like you would fit in 200%)

Can i contact you somewhere?

[EU][Horde][Tarren Mill] ”Distinct” 7/10HC recruiting for CE & M+ at a high level.

Distinct is a pve focused guild, created by wow veterans and streamers. We are a core group of IRL friends and veteran gamers we have met over the years. We aim to clear all PVE content at a high level within a social, structured, mature, chill, self critical and well performing environment. With the side goal to establish a well known name within the twitch community, and social media. While hopefully creating and maintaining new online friends. A guild made for gamers that are looking for some quality game time but still friendly and social. For the dedicated raiders: We raid (Wed-Sun 19:30-23:00), with a optional third day for a hc farming on Tue same time.

Needles to say we are looking for skilled but mostly active and dedicated players, simply said: Gamers. The rare kind of gamers tho, the kind that have the social skills to behave and communicate appropriately. We know this is quite an ambitious goal we have set. But with the right environment: dedicated, social, fun and well performing we can reach our goals with ease. Quality over Quantity anytime. If you are interested please contact: Alekker#7538 on discord. All sign ups will be done verbally. For raid team applications: link me prefered class/specc, raiding experience so far and logs. For M+ just send your main characters name and server. And tell me a little bit about your self.

For Our raid team we are mainly recruiting:
Do note that any apply is considered with the right logs.






-Mw monk

-Holy priest

-Second Rshammy


any dps, but below are those that are in high demand


-Balance or Feral




-WW monk

Hey! Short post to your long post :stuck_out_tongue:

Guild is a bunch of nutcases. Just a heads’up, as i was told to say the truth.

If you are interested, give me a shout !

Hey dude, I don’t have a guild im advertising, but just wanted to say, as you seem like a cool, chill dude, that I don’t think its you who’s bad at warlock, especially affliction. They’re not that great in mythic or dungeon scenarios where adds die really quickly. They are however really good for long extended fights like bosses. So I wouldn’t get bogged down by your numbers being low at the moment. I am in no way a warlock master, far from it, but this is just my take on it from having played it over the years. Anyway, sorry I don’t have a guild to offer you, I just wanted to say don’t give up on the warlock dream! Keep at it and give your cat some love.

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Hey there,

I’m a fellow affliction lock and I would very much like to not be the only warlock on my raid team - which coincidentally could use a couple more dps players.

We’re a pretty laid back guild that focusses on enjoying our time raiding together so it’s a comfortable space to be in when you’re trying to learn and improve without having to stress about getting purple parses. I am far from a master at playing affliction but I’d be happy to help you out as best I can in raids and m+. I’ve personally always benefitted from being around other warlocks and sharing knowledge.

I’m not an officer but the guild is pretty relaxed about inviting cool people we meet out in the wild so if you’re at all interested and still searching for a guild you can add me on discord for a chat - Sav#4570

Hi Mate!
If you’re still looking for a guild add me on battle tag Vanq#2404 or discord Hoterino#6305