[H] Draenor - ELE/rsham LF semi-hardcore pve guild

Hi! Im currently looking for a guild that is active outside raiding hours, a active and nice community that is not only online within the raid hours.

- Expectation -

  • Active, mature non-toxic guild
  • Social
  • Have cleared 10/10 NM and HC
  • A active discord to chat even when not playing wow
  • Nice, mature and understanding Raidleaders / guild officers

- What to expect from me -

  • Active player
  • Social
  • Helpful
  • Can take criticism (Unless its just toxic bullsh*t)
  • Have an acceptance for people with more experience than me giving me tips and trick on my own class
  • Atleast 90% attendance
  • Always willing to reroll if the guild requires it

- Goals -

  • CE 10/10M
  • Keystone Master
  • Having fun with the guild
  • Participating in building a nice community within the guild

My previous main: Nythricd-Draenor (Female troll druid)
My soon to be new main: Yungshock-Draenor (Male Orc shaman)

If you have any other questions… Just ask, im always 100% honest.

- Contact me through -

Bnet: beaNR#2346
Discord: zan1#4053

I will answer as soon as I can

Hi Nythricd,

Your post is detailed and so are your goals.
Please have a read of our post and do contact me should they peak your interest.

Your goals are exactly what we are looking for and hope you can find your place here.

Look forward to hearing from you.