[H] Draenor - EU - LF Guild - Multiple specs

As title says. Looking for a very active guild that dabbles in all activities. Current specs I have at 50/60 are - Afflic/Destro Lock. Prot warrior & prot pally. Resto/ele shaman, disc/shadow priest & fire mage.

Willing to sub in as all specs but prefer to be prot warrior or destro/afflic lock.

Looking for an active discord also.

Please contact me on discord : Husej#9711

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Hey there,

We are looking for a warlock atm (We dont have any right now in our roster).

Please check the post below, if you like it add me on bnet to discuss more.


Hi, we’re a new guild raiding once a week on Sundays 18:00 - 22:00. Starting off in normal before moving on to heroic. Looking to build a close knit group to take on all activities in the game.

Got more info in [H] <Epochal> One day weekend raid (N/HC), looking to build close knit group if interested. Good luck with the search!