(H) (Draenor) Experienced Players LF Home!

Hey all,

Me and my 6 friends recently transferred to horde onto Draenor Server. We are looking for guild who raid at least once a week, but also play mythic+. We are primarily mythic+ players, all 1300-1500 RIO. 9/10 HC.

We are looking for a guild with friendly/reliable people to push even higher keys. We are all keen on mythic raiding.

We have
1 x resto shaman
1x resto shaman/resto druid
1x Boomie
1x Fire Mage/Rogue
1x Unholy DK/Warrior

Any guilds out there where we could fit in. :slight_smile:

Hello, if you tank can play dps, we can take all of you in.

Hey there,

Not sure if daytime raiding suits you and your friends. But Daylight Raiding Time is currently recruiting to fill our roster. We’re a close-knit bunch of peeps, current prog - 10/10heroic, 2/10mythic. Previous CE. If we could nab all six of you, our roster would literally be complete. We’re also big-time into pushing keys. Cheers. DM me on discord Kikonez#4125 if this is something that could suit.

[h] <archaic order> - 2/10 M 1-day raiding guild, if you would like to know more please add my btag yasri#2238 or discord yasri#3142

Hey there I know from experience how hard it can be to find a guild as a fairly large group of people, the struggle is real. I’m going to link our new guild’s add just in case it’s something you’d be interested.