[H] Draenor - Experienced Raider LF GUILD [Horde Prefered]

Before adding/pming Please check the availability i am currently able to raid:
Mondays any time of the day
Wedensdays Later would be better, but Due to work i will be able to get this day off consistently (can be changeable for other days in the week, but weekends I am busy unless)


TL;DR: Looking for raiding guild, have a lot of free time in evenings, prefer to raid mondays, i am willing to play offspecs, alts, fifll roster, but i do have a preference, and willing to fill roles.


In terms of learning WoW and raiding again, i am quick learner. so don’t worry about the current experience from BFA (As i haven’t play it, first expansion i dropped WoW since i started in TBC).

But Basically i am a old WoW Vet looking for some heroic to mythic progression guild, mostly looking to have a serious push on heroic, i have been pushing CE a few times through my WoW career but i am looking for mostly a friendly and chill guild with not to intense banter since i’d like to Stream my Raids.

I am 28 currently and I am from Sweden.

I am very talkative personal and honestly just looking for a serious and chill guild. But i am very serious during progression raids.

I can explain more about my raid experience (since i am returning from taking a break at the first 2 months of bfa).

My Current main and prefererad server is Draenor Horde. (willing to play on Argent dawn for alliance)

Twisting Nether, and Silvermoon are possibilities, but depending on class as i would have to pay transfer to said realms)

So now to the juicy stuff.

Class/Role preference:

I’d personally love to be able to play 1 of these specs. (in order of what i want to what i am okay with, and what i’d be willing to play).


What i’d like to main is Feral (if the class is viable, but i do love the play style, but due to how its been for the last 3expansions it hasn’t been looking to good)

  1. Rogue
    Well what can i say, its the best and closest thing to rogue, if you have to many of them i will be willing to give up rogue for my 3rd pick if the raid environment/ guild friendliness seems good.

  2. Warlock (prefer Demo)
    This class is a hate love relationship. i love demo, and destro, but affli is always the best. which sucks the fun out of the class for me.

  3. Holy/Ret Pally
    (ret has a lot of burst but i dont mind the play style. I’d almost prefer holy though)
    Currently i have not play much pally, but i am willing to consider it, i dont mind where the class is in terms of how good the numbers % is, but i am able to enjoy ret as an offspec in previous expansions.

  4. mage
    Pretty good class through and through. not my fav, but i do have some exp with the class in Legion.

  5. Resto / Balance druid.
    If push comes to shove, Resto druid isn’t my favourite healing spec, but i do know its good.

Anyways thank you for reading, you’re awesome!

My btag is r3ar3ntry#2986

I am currently interested in doing some normal/heroic nya and even mythic, and mythic + but gear and returning is a hassle.

IF any questions i am willing to get on Discord as well to explain my self better. or just have a chat.


Check us out


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hey Dizzy, i pm’d u on my warlock (bjerger) i am also him, unsure what ur called in bnet but i sent the friend request, pm R3ar3ntry if u added me.


Hey you can check out us.

We’re a group of friends that started playing in Bfa and have founded a guild in order to start raiding in Shadowlands. During Bfa we were part of another guild and achieved 3/12 Mythic in under a month before our guild disbanded. Coming Shadowlands a couple more friends are joining us so we decided to start a new guild because no guild will take five people.

We plan to raid two nights a week (still deciding what days but it will be at night) and get AOTC and then push for CE. Our plan is to have a relaxed mature atmosphere not going too hardcore but still being serious when it comes to raiding.

We are also recruiting anyone who doesn’t want to raid but just is looking for a guild to hang out in.

Currently looking for any role.

If you’re interested you can contact me on discord: looopthelooop#6841 or battlenet: looptheloop#21714