(H) <Draenor> Experienced tank LF new home for shadowlands

Hola everyone. I started playing retail after 2 years pause and i would like to find a raiding spot for my Blood DK.

About me: Im 31 years old regular guy from Finland.

History: Been playing wow since vanilla, and have experience of raiding in every expansion. Main roles what i’ve been doing have been tanking or healing.

The last two years i’ve been a raidleader with my tank in classic wow. Got experience from raidleading from multiple expansion aswell.

What im looking for: Im looking for a Semi-HC/HC raiding guild with a passion to clear endgame content with. I wish i could be a part of the progression instead of “coming to a ready table”

What can i offer: I can tank the sh*t out of the expansion. Im the kind of player who solves the problems im facing instead of giving up and im trying to learn from my mistakes to improve my knowledge and skills to beat the mechanics.

If needed, im able to swap to dps or level up alternative characters, but since tanking is life, i would like to main my blood dk.

If you have any spots available, or you are thinking of forming second raiding team, feel free to contact me!

Happy holidays,

Hey, would be interested having a chat with you, my bnet mini#2289

The guild < Suboptimal > may be one you want to look at, if you’re interested check out our Forum Post

Thanks for the heads up but your raidtimes are a bit too late for me :confused: 01 ST is 02am in Finland

No worries, our tank spot has now closed up anyway. Good luck with your search!

You might be interested in the guild I’m trying to start up, and thus we’ll of course be in need of tanks.

Guild: Exposure
Faction: Horde
Raid Days/Times: Wednesday & Sunday 20:00pm - 23.00 realm time
Current Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Exposure

We are currently looking for more players for further HC progress and into Mythic, specifically

  • Warlock (affliction)
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Death Knight
  • Exceptional players
  • Tank - Preferably DK/Monk


  • High attendance
  • Good performance & attitude
  • Knowledge of your class and spec
  • Working mic & ability to talk
  • Be organised & prepared - researched relevant fights, have consumables ready, be up-to-date on power progression and gearing opportunities outside of raids

About us
Exposure are a 2 day raiding guild that was formed Pre Patch BFA on Horde for Shadowlands. The core of the guild has established a good ethos for the community in the guild. We offer a mature, stable and competitive environment. Our aim in Shadowlands is to achieve CE each tier, while having fun along the way and keeping to 2 days raiding each week to allow for irl social life and commitments.

How to apply or contact us
Please apply here: https://discord.gg/WhSS7EgGR3
Or contact us:

  • Btag Jake#2883

Join us. Do it. I challenge you to tank the sh*t out of this content and get ur face smashed for us !

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