[H] Draenor - Group of friends LF AoTC/Mythic progress guild

Horde - Draenor

Group of experience raiders looking for a guild with plans to obtain AoTC and progress into Mythic in the near future.

Current classes:
Hunter - MM - ilvl 186
Death Knight - Frost - ilvl 186
Druid - Balance - ilvl 185
Priest - Shadow - ilvl 187

Demon Hunter - Venge - ilvl 183
Shaman - Resto - ilvl 184

We come as a package but are willing to switch specs/classes for the right opportunity.

We’ve all obtain AoTC every expansion and progressed in mythic on multiple classes, willing to have a chat on Discord or in-game.

Battletag - MrNobody#21960


hey dude we are still recruiting man so I will copy paste your recruitment post. if you are interested add me on disc! [EU][Horde][Tarren Mill] ”Distinct” CE recruiting range dps:
Distinct is a pve focused guild, created by wow veterans and streamers. We are a core group of IRL friends and veteran raiders we have met over the years. We aim to clear all PVE content at a high level within a social, structured, mature, chill, self critical and well performing environment. With the goal to establish a well known name within the twitch community, and social media. While hopefully creating and maintaining new online friends. We will start with a two day raiding schedule (Wed-Sun 19:30-23:00), with a optional third day for a hc farming on Tue same time.
Needles to say we are looking for skilled but mostly active and dedicated players, simply said: Gamers. The rare kind of gamers tho, the kind that have the social skills to behave and communicate appropriately. We know this is quite an ambitious goal we have set. But with the right environment: dedicated, social, fun and well performing we can reach our goals with ease. Quality over Quantity anytime. If you are interested please contact: Alekker#7538 on discord. All sign ups will be done verbally. Link me prefers class/specc, raiding experience so far and logs.

Listed below are the class/specs that are in high demand, but all applications are considered and we can always use at least two of the same specc if not more.


  • Demon hunter tank for m+

Ranged DPS:

  • Warlock
  • Shadow priest
  • Balance druid
  • Mage

Melee DPS:

  • Retribution paladin


  • Rdruid
  • Mw monk


Please check the thread below, looking forward to discuss more if you are interested.