[H] [Draenor] Laid back Heroic raiding guild <Fugu>

Do you…
… like this game but don’t want it to feel like a job?
… want to see the content Blizz throws at us on Normal and Heroic difficulty?
… like the social aspect of this game and want to make new friends?
… love playing with a small team of dedicated friendly players?
… rather help out teammates and not just run off and join a pug?

Then by all means, read on! However, if you can’t be bothered reading all this, you’re probably not the person we’re looking for…

Fugu is a guild that strives to be a home for people that want to enjoy this game to the fullest, without feeling the need to farm every day, minmax all night long and push every last % of damage/healing/… out of the char they play. Most of us that play this game are adults, and real life is a thing we have to take into account also…

That said, we do expect members to pull their own weight and know how to play the class they play, or be willing to put effort in to get better. We don’t mind wiping and trying over and over again if it’s a hard fight, we do mind wiping because somebody plays at 30% of the potentional output their class has, or keeps dying to the same mechanics.

For the above reasons, and to keep a relaxed atmosphere, we will only raid Normal and Heroic mode. The raids will be on Monday and Wednesday, starting at 20:00 and ending at 22:30 on Monday and 23:00 on Wednesday.

To keep the guild as social as possible, we’re building a small but efficient team to tackle all the raid content (Normal/Heroic) Blizz throws at us. “Social” is a very very important word here. I want, no, i need you to be active on discord and gchat. The social aspect used to be one of the biggest parts of a mmorpg, and sadly enough throughout the expansions this game has become less and less social. I love meeting new people and chat about god knows what and i expect our members to do the same.

We’re aiming for a 2/4/14 lineup to tackle the raids and to always have a nice group of people online and active! Raiding wise we’re currently at 10/10N and 3/10H.

Tank: Closed
Healing: Closed
DPS: Closed

Being able to play offspec tank/healer if needed will be much appreciated but will never be mandatory.

If you’re not looking to raid but rather want a social spot, you can also poke me!

You can poke me on discord at VRX#3144 after which i will send you a oldskool recruitment form to fill in. When that’s done we can have a chat and maybe get the ball rolling!

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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Recruitement is going good, currently looking for 1 tank and a couple of DPS. More info in the main post!
We have a nice, friendly, helpfull talkative bunch so far!

While we start raiding the 20th of januari, we decided last minute to pug a Castle Nathria run yesterday and did 5/10. We had a blast and there were alot of giggles.

We still have room for 1 tank to join in on the fun! Read the opening post for more info!

Join us! Best home on EU!

Great guys to play with, doing mythics +, having a laugh on discord, and soon going heroic raiding. Don’t wait with applying and come to us!

We start raiding with the guild next wednesday, we already did a Normal Castle Nathria run where we pugged our missing links and we did 7/10. We’re planning on a fast clear in Normal mode so we can switch to Heroic and get our asses handed to us.

To do this in a full guild group we need another healer, so come on, if you’re looking for a nice group of friendly, helpful and social players, apply!

We’re active on discord thruout the day, with most activity ingame during the evenings. There’s also always people on voicechat just chitchatting.

On our first full guild run last wednesday we did 10/10 Normal, with hardly anyone in the guild having done the last 2 bosses before.

Loving our progress so far, we have a very nice team, but need some more bodies to make progress in HC possible! Check the main post to see our recruitment status.

We’re looking for a new tank that’s willing to throw himself in the line of fire to save our squishy dps and healers…

The reason is that one of our tanks just told us that he loves the guild, but he’s not the biggest fan of the current expansion and he will not renew his subscription for that reason.