[H] [Draenor] Looking for a Heroic raiding and Mythic+ guild

Hello! :slight_smile:

Couple (WoW is how we met!) looking to settle into a guild that has a relaxed approach to raiding but still works hard for progression. Hopefully one that also likes doing Mythic+ quite often too :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing since Legion, mostly maining Affliction Warlock throughout the expansions. I enjoy doing most of the content in game from PVE to PVP as well as collecting all the things. Still looking to stay with Warlock this expansion but will have alts I can switch to (Priest, Paladin and Hunter mainly)

My fiance has been playing since the late end of Burning Crusade. Maining Paladin (all specs) throughout most of the expansions, he’s looking to main Shaman as Resto or Enhancement this time round which he has also mained in the past.

We started off playing Shadowlands as soon as release but due to moving, we haven’t been able to play for over a month, so we have yet to do any Mythic + or experience the raid and we’re currently still gearing up. However, we put the work in and we’re quick to pick up tactics so we’d be able to settle quickly into raiding, having both done Heroic raiding before; so if there’s a guild out there that would be happy to take us on, we won’t let you down

Hey there, and welcome back after your busy break :smiley: We are just a small group of friends who had our own guild group in the beginning which unfortunately fell apart, and after trying to find a place for the 6 of us in another guild I decided to give our own another go, and so we will be re-starting the guild in a sense, we are hoping to start with a 2/2/6 raid team pretty quickly so those of us who are around can get back into the swing of things, we would like to expand to maybe 2/3/9 or even 2/4/14 in the future if the situation permits, if you have some time I would love to have a proper chat with either of you my discord is Fluxien#5035

Hello, check the thread below, and tell us if you like it.
We are in need of warlock and 1 healer spot opened…

Hi there,

If a move to Stormscale seems like it could be an option i’d like to throw my guild into the mix!

Hello, everything youve said from relaxed to working hard for progress, experience, the classes you both play.

Is everything we are looking for in a person.

We run M+ daily and loads of the guys have alts that run lower keys, so happy to assist you in gearing up.

Please do have a read of our post and if it interests you, please do let us know.


Hello there!
Unsure if you’d be willing to transfer, but if you are our guild on Moonglade BG might be for you!
Aetherium is 8/10 hc we raid 3 nights per week, Wed/Fri/Sun 20ST-23ST, but most importantly we are quite a close knit friendly guild, we have a few couples like yourself in guild and although he like to progress in raids we also just like having fun in the game together, we often do M+ runs, try our hand at pvp and generally have a good time, if thats something that interests you let me know! btag DizzleDale#2165

Hi @Novra

Necroing a older thread, but check us out and let me know if you would be interested:



Our guild is seeking competent and committed players, and it sounds like we may be a good fit.

Our schedule is:
Sunday, 19:30 – 23:30 (Progression)
Monday, 21:30 – 23:30 (Farm)
Tuesday, 21:30 – 23:30 (Farm)*

*Tuesday raids will be dropped each season once farm runs can be completed on Monday alone.

We are formed with experience spanning back over a decade in various MMOs at the highest level. In WoW our aim is to clear the hardest content the game has to offer. Our team is comprised of skilled raiders who are consistently look for ways to improve and achieve Cutting Edge, on a casual schedule. We believe in one thing: Play smarter, not longer.

We also have players dedicated to just PvP and M+ content, so you will have options if you want to play outside of raids. Quite a few of us push keys most nights, so you’d fit right in.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please add me on Discord, Acex#8137 :slight_smile:

Bumping this. We did join a guild but find it’s a little cliquey and having joined at a low ilvl, we feel we’re not being taken quite as seriously as we had hoped. Got to 9/10 HC after only killing the bosses a couple of times. I’m currently 201 ilvl and my fiance is 194 so we could still use a little bit of gearing.
Hoping to push higher keys to get the mount as well :slight_smile:
I have plenty of alts to fit in with M+ teams but I’ll be looking to still main my lock for raiding, maybe frost mage once she’s geared.

TOOTH AND FANG COMMUNITY!! ( Founded 2017 - EU -Draenor- Horde ) :slight_smile:

Community Status: Semi-Hardcore
**Current Progression: **10/10 9/10 HC ( Pushing into Mythic soon too )


Tooth and Fang was founded in 2017 as a guild building a family friendly atmosphere. Since then we have grown where we have 2 raiding teams, a semi-serious for progression and experienced players and a casual for alts and those looking to take their first steps into the raiding world.
Regular M+ runs are encouraged and actively sort within our discord and guild chat.


Main Team : Wed & Thurs
21:00 - 00:00 ST for the main team

Ranged : Range DPS with Healer OS
Melee: DH DPS
Healer : Shaman/Holy Priest/Druid/Disc Priest x1
Please ask us about joining if your class/spec isnt here.


Good knowledge of the class and spec you are playing
Be online 15 before raid start for invites
We do not expect you to attend EVERY single raid but a high attendance is good to have (90% about). During progress, however, we expect people to be attending every raid unless for an emergency.
Reseaching fights and be ready to wipe.
we are aiming to do mythic

Discord info https://discord.gg/KJAWssb or add me on discord Chéyénná#1625 or app via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeWJ8cIHo1chv19Vex0-zWiMUgxDF4AwRZZpd52WwY7I2WDFQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Feel free to share our discord link !
Social are welcome too :slight_smile:

Look forward to meet you!
T & F Community

Feel free to have a look at our recruitment topic as well. I can 100% honestly say we’re very welcoming to new members as we try and keep the guild as small but efficient as possible, so everybody has a chance to get to know eachother.

We have a very relaxed approach to raiding, but do expect people to carry their weight. For us this means that you don’t necessarily have to parse high, as long as your damage (for dps that is) is somewhat average compared to the group, and you don’t keep messing up the same mechanics.

There’s also a bunch of people (not me lol) interested in doing higher m+ keys but i don’t think we’re quite at the level of clearing everything 15+ yet if i have to be honest.

If this somewhat sounds ok, please read our topic linked below so you can check if our guild could be a home for the both of you.

Hey there!
If you are open to realm xferring we are currently looking for the last few DPS to round out or 20 man team to be able to venture into mythic :blush:

Hi Novra,

Did you both find yourself a new Guild yet? We have a large community of players and already have 3 other couples that play / raid with us. Were on the look out for DPS to join us in our core Mythic raid team but also have HC raids running on the weekends for those who cant make our Weds/Fri progress schedule.

Check us out and get in touch if this speaks to you Discord: Danray#0657

Hopefully speak to you soon!

Have look here if u think we might check your needs. Gimme a shout☺️