[H] Draenor <Peculiar> BoD 9/9 M, LF DPS

(Lephísto) #1

Hi there!

Our progress:
Uldir 8/8 HC 7/8 M.
BoD 9/9 HC 9/9 M.
CoS 2/2 HC.

We are LF DPS (410+ ilvl)r:
-Elemental Shaman

Our guild is perfect opportunity for people who perform better than others, but don’t want to push too hard, who want to balance their time spend in game with real life.

Our goal is to have Fun and to constantly progress through the raids, it is not a hard-core guild and we are not in a race, but we do our best and focus on our performance.

We start Progression with HC then Mythic.

We offer chilled / fun raiding atmosphere, but serious when needed. Most of our players 30+ yo. We do have younger players as well. We make decision based on your actions and performance not on your age, it is mostly so you know what kind of community we have.

We are looking for above average players.

What we expect from our members:

  • Flasks, Food, Potions, Enchants, Gems etc
  • Use Discord and be able to communicate
  • 80 % attendance
  • learn on mistakes
  • checking your logs to find ways to improve

Raids on Wed/Thu/Mon 20:00-23:00 Server Time.

Apply at Peculiarguild.com, simply click Apply on the Roster section.

Kind Regards,

(Darnal) #2

Joined this guild when I got tired of no progress and drama. This is perfect for those who want progress without the feeling of hardcore commitment. We have fun and we play the game that we all love while being serious when needed.

(Lephísto) #3

just another bump here =)


Bumperton the 2nd

(Lephísto) #5

2 dps spots are still open.

(Ariem) #6

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuump :sunglasses:

(Lephísto) #7

We are on the break till 7th of January.
I wish everyone wonderful Xmas and a Happy New year.

We are still looking for players to fill our 25 man team, so please apply and we will get back to you asap with reply.


Happy new bump

(Lephísto) #9

We are looking for 2 Healers right now.


Still looking for 1 healer :rofl:

(Lephísto) #11

Currently looking for 1 melee DPS and 1 Healer

(Ariem) #12

bump :laughing:

(Lephísto) #13

We are LF (380 ilvl minimum):

  • 1 Healer Disc / Monk / Shaman
  • 1 DPS with Healer OS
  • 1 melee DPS Retri Paladin
  • 1 range DPS Priest / Mage / Warlock


Still looking for few more chillful competitive people=)

(Lephísto) #15

We still have 4 slots open:

1 Healer Disc / Monk / Shaman
1 DPS with Healer OS
1 melee DPS Retri Paladin
1 range DPS Priest / Mage / Warlock

(Ariem) #16

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(Lephísto) #17

Still looking for 2 range dps

(Ariem) #18

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(Lephísto) #19


  • 1 range dps
  • 2 healers priest or monk

(Ariem) #20

Looking for 2 more Healers (Priest or Monk)