[H] [EU] [Draenor] Balance Druid looking for a raiding guild

Hello, I’m Rawrmornia and I’m looking for a new guild that I can raid HC/Mythic with. I’m an experienced raider but couldn’t delve into mythic difficulty that much this last season with my guild having low amount of participation. My progress in CN is 10/10HC and 3/10M and I have KSM. I’m a fast learner and willing to improve ^^ My schedule is flexible, I can join your raids on any day and at any time.

If you wish to get in contact: Xena#22149 @Battlenet and Zeynep#8699 @Discord

Would you be open to a realm transfer?

Sadly, no, I can level a character from scratch but it is already a little bit late for that weekly reset being so close :'D

Heya there rawr,

i’ve added you on discord to talk about our guild
Narwhals - Draenor EU - Recruitment


Hi Xena,

Ive added you as a friend on battlenet - Psykick06#2401.

This is our recruitment post - [H] Draenor - <Big Pumpers Anonymous> - Experienced & Organised Guild - Recruiting a Priest/Druid

Should have all the relevant information in there and answer any questions.

We would love to speak with you more.