[H] Firemaw EU <Breach> 6/6 - 4/4 recruiting!

Breach is recruiting!
Firemaw EU - Horde

Progression: 6/6 SSC - 4/4 TK

Breach was formed from the core members of the WoW Classic guild ‘The Maelstrom’, our members have raiding experience ranging all the way back from Vanilla to private servers and WoW Classic.
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with all content on farm since the first weeks of TBC.
We are currently looking for motivated raiders who are willing to push their characters to the limit to bolster our already highly dedicated raiding roster.

Our goal is to be competitive on the raiding scene and are currently looking to strengthen our team with more players who share our values and attitudes towards raiding.

What we expect from you:

  • Be active and play the game with other guildies outside of raids
  • Give their 100% during raids
  • Consumables and enchants
  • Knowledge of your class and the fights
  • Spec appropriately and as needed by the guild
  • Craftable gear
  • Appropriate addons
  • Able to communicate over Discord
  • Alt ready or on the way for split raids

What you can expect from us:

  • Smooth raids with other skilled players
  • Other players who are knowledgable about their class and can give you advice
  • A Friendly and mature community
  • A fair loot council that works for the guild’s best interests
  • Split raids on alts and alt raids


  • Our raid days are Thursday, Sunday, and Monday from 19:30 to 23:00 server time
  • We use Loot Council based on predefined bis lists for every spec and class


Warlock - VERY HIGH
Resto Shaman - VERY HIGH

Balance Druid - HIGH
Ele/Enha Shaman - HIGH
Holy Paladin - HIGH

Hunter - MED

Any exceptional players will also be considered.

Does this sound interesting? PM me or one of our officers on discord: https://discord.gg/v3XdESHqCA

We are still looking for raiders that wanna have some fun!
We recruit for the core raiding team, not for the bench.

Every class is open right now. Especially:
Hunter - HIGH
Warlock - HIGH
Paladin Ret - HIGH
Paladin Holy - MED
Druid Feral - MED
Druid Resto - HIGH
Druid Balance - HIGH
Shaman Ele - HIGH
Shaman Enha - HIGH
Shaman Resto - HIGH
Priest Healer - HIGH
Priest Shadow - MED
Warrior arms - HIGH
Mage - HIGH

Still need a few more players wanting to have some fun raiding together!

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Hey! Me and my littlebrother is playing at stonespine atm. But since this serv is really dead we have been thinkin about migrating for a while now.
We have alot of humor and will bring alof of positive energy to the raids.
Our goal is to find a guild to raid 25m with.
I play warrior, aiming to go arms-sworddualwield spec, meaning i will have +4physical buff. I am attuned and ready for p2. My brother is playing rogue and is not attuned yet but will be soon.

Hello mate, unfortunately we don’t have a spot open for a rogue at this time :confused:

Still looking for almost all classes!

SUPER need right now:
Shamans (ANY SPEC)
Holy or disc priest!
Ret paladin!

Hello! I’m an Ele Sham that’s transferring to Firemaw tomorrow. I’ll drop you another message when the transfer is complete :slight_smile:

Fully attuned and T4 BiS gear

Hey mate, did you get your transfer through yet?

Edit post: Currently need these classes:

surv/bm Hunter - HIGH
Aff/Destro Warlock - MED
Retri Paladin - SUPER HIGH
Ele/Enha/Resto Shaman - MED

Are there any retri paladins out there? WE WANT YOU.

Exceptional players always welcome!

Hey i just moved from a server and intrested as retri paladin, Currently 65>66, main healer But gonna swap main to retri

Can also Note that i’ve got aff lock that im thinking of transfering. My main atm is holy priest

Recruitment still open on a few classes, as always exceptional players are always welcome!


Ret Paladin - SUPER HIGH
Holy Paladin - HIGH
Balance Druid - HIGH

Shadow/DS Priest - MED
Ele/Enha/Resto Shaman - MED

Recruitment is again open for a few classes, as always exceptional players are always welcome.

Currently need all of these for our main core raid team.

Balance Druid - HIGH
Warlock - HIGH
Hunter - HIGH

Ele/Enha/Resto Shaman - HIGH
Holy Paladin - HIGH
Shadow/DS Priest - MED

Still need a few good players!

Good day!

I am a multiple hardcore TBC raider aswell as raid leader, and have cleared all the content constantly whilst leading.

I originally decided to take it chilled and start leveling a bit to pvp and hang with old friends of the community.

But now the bug bit me again and would like to go sweaty.

Do you guys accept fresh 70s? Also non-orc is a sin I know, but like I said I wasn’t planning to go hardcore.

I’m more that happy to be tested on my knowledge on raid tactics of all tiers aswell as class related knowledge & playstyle.

Anyways thanks for reading this wall of text.


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Updated needs:


Warlock - VERY HIGH
Hunter - HIGH
Ele/Enha/Resto Shaman - HIGH

Holy Paladin - MED
Balance Druid - MED

bumping this, still need a few more for our core!