[H] Frost mage looking for heroic raiding guild

Hi, I’m 205ilvl frost mage and I’m looking for a guild to join. I’m playing almost every day of the week and want to raid on Normal/Heroic level. Since I recently came back to WoW, I definitely do not want to jump straight into Mythic raiding. I would rather have the more relaxed gameplay of Heroic raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.
Since I started a bit later into the expansion, I have just recently managed to get to 200 ilvl and clear Normal 10/10. Usually I’m trying to do as well as possible, while still having fun and not turning the game into a 2nd job. I’m looking for a group of people with similar approach to the game.
If you wonder why I’m playing frost, I tried fire first, but I didn’t like the playstyle, so I switched to frost and found out I like it way more. Although it doesn’t perform as well as fire, I’m not at the bottom of the charts either and that’s good enough for me. Plus it has it’s niche, when it truly shines and I love it.

Check this, and let me know…

Hey Dinkov, do you have a discord or bnet I could get ahold of you on for a quick chat about our guild? :slight_smile:

Hi Dinkov,

Our Thursday team would definitely love to have you. They are 9/10 HC at the moment and have a great no pressure atmosphere. Totally fine if you are playing Frost. The post below shows the progress for our Sat team.

Thank you for the answers, I found myself a guild already. :slight_smile: