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Hey, I’m currently looking for a guild to do some casual raiding and M+ on my warrior toon. I haven’t really played BFA much. I dinged this toon a few days ago so my Item Level is low atm. But I have been playing wow since Cata but have been inactive recently due to not really having people to do content with. (all my old friends quit :/) I’m also pretty flexible with timings, i just a nice group of people who enjoy playing together :smiley:

If ya wanna ask me any questions my btag is Allusion#2415 and my discord is Alias#7792


Hey Daveycakes!

Maybe is a good place for you?


Heya mate. Casual raiding, you say? Have a look at us over here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Davey,

We like to think of ourselves as casual. In fact, if any of the sh*t lords in my guild think they are anything better, then they are sadly mistaken!

We’re 2/2 heroic CoS at the moment, and 3/9 mythic BfD. We have a few people who only come along for the Heroic raids and skip out on mythic progress, which is totally fine by me.

We have a couple of guildies who are rerolling at the moment… I think, well at least trying new classes, and gearing them, and well it’s pretty easy in the lower keys these days with a guild group. We’re also fun to be around too :sweat_smile: hopefully you can make some new friends with us.

So, go check us out at: www.digitaldoom .uk

We have plenty of information on there, a blog, and meet the team page.

or take a look at our recruitment thread:

Good luck finding a new home!


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