🇪🇺 [H] [Golemagg-PvP-EU] <Disbanded> [10/10 in ~100min + 1/1] Tue/Thur Raid

Disbanded is recruiting to finalize our roster!
Realm: Golemagg EU
Faction: Horde
semi-hardcore, nice and welcoming atmosphere.

A bit of background story about us:
We started out as a bunch of individuals who were joining a PUG raid on our realm (Golemagg) under the same guy over and over again for weeks. After a certain time the PUG raid became an actual guild and we started clearing MC in roughly 90min. Somewhere along the line our GM&Raidlead started going for Rank14 in PvP and for the most of us it became clearer every week that he doesnt really care about an actual guild-life or even a fair loot distribution/nice raid atmosphere like we did.

So we decided on “doing our own thing”.

As we all went through some drama and/or toxic guilds even before that (Golemagg seems to be the perfect realm for such things…) we decided on taking all the guys&girls with us that had a similar mindset to create a guild and raid that shall be free of any toxic behaviour and any (loot)drama at all.

So here we are. A core of what i would call good and even highskilled players that enjoy a nice and welcoming atmoshpere in a guild plus inside the raid while stile being competitive about it in some matter.

We are now going to finalize our roster and we are looking for YOU!

Opening up recruitment for ALL classes with the following priority

  • Warlock
  • DPS Warrior
  • Holy/Disc Priest
  • Hunter

We also heavily welcome anyone who wants to join us as a “social” member!

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday + Thursday
From 20:00 to about 23:00 Realm time, with Thursday being the main raid-day for further progression in future phases.

We expect:

  • Be nice. Thats first and foremost the most important thing for us.
  • Be able to at least understand english as this is the only language we are using for communication while raiding.
  • If you join us for raiding: Be on time. Be prepared. Try to contribute as much as you can to the guild and raid.

If you agree on everything I just said please contact us either here or one of our officers on discord:
Rusartkill#3859 (Ingame: Manabreakplx), Bazed#3904 (Ingame: Xartaz or Yasia), Samirus#7772 (Ingame: Samirus)

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Christmas Holidays are a great time to find a new guild! :smiley:

Hope you had nice holidays - push!

If you want to join a great guild in 2020 - this is your chance!

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Rebuilding our guild went really well so far. We are still “finalizing” our roster, so check the first post and contact us! <3

Ony went butterly smooth dont ya think?

Where are all the Mages and dps Warrs? We want you. You want to be with us. So join! <3

If you are still looking for a nice guild - this is your chance! :smiley:

push this one up to the top <3

Dont forget the Holy priests! <3

Opening up recruitment for ALL classes

Lets go! <3