[H] HC Experienced nomads LF HC Guild

Good evening fellow Draenorians,

We are a group of 5 friends all aged 25+ that have been pugging CN. We are currently at 7/10 HC and ideally would like to progress onto Mythic. We would be looking for 2 raid nights ideally 2000-0000 server time approx.
Our classes are Boomkin, Hunter, Warlock and Shadow Priest with WW/BM monk alt and Resto Shaman plus a few others. Our ilevels are all around 210 and we are looking for a focussed guild that will raid seriously but still have fun. We also do plenty of mythic plus runs. We would also be happy to play alts or other classes in the future if required.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Hi there, We are currently looking for a few range to bolster our Team heading into Mythic CN.

If your interested feel free to add my BN Tag Llewellyn#21238


Hi, we would have room for all of you, if interested hit me up on btag barbaruss#2188

Hey Irnhu, sounds like you’d fit in at Team Gorgeous, we’re 10/10 heroic and looking to push into mythic nath. We average around 20 people but are looking for some more ranged players for the mythic team.

We take raids seriously but we like to have a fun and relaxed atmosphere and some of the members like to push high level keys if the season 1 mount is something you’re aiming for.

We raid Mondays / Thursdays 8-11 pm server time. Thursdays being farm nights and Mondays being progress nights.

Check out our post and hit me up on battle net (listed in the post) if you think we sound like your kind of guild.

We have room for all of you and fit the profile pretty much. 2.5 hour raids twice a week, quite social and all that.

Check the post and contact me in game or discord if you wanna chit chat

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