[H] Holy Paladin 9/10hc looking for raiding guild - can transfer


On the look out for a guild again due to the environment of my last one not suiting me.

Currently on 9/10hc.

I played ret at launch but it is honestly the most boring playstyle going so I have made the switch back to holy. It is a spec I am very familiar with and have had a lot of success with.

I was a mythic level raider in BFA getting 6/12 in nyalotha.

Little bit about myself:
28 years old
Raided in wow since the end on TBC usually at a heroic or mythic level
Always dedicated towards being the best raider I can be, spend my time looking at strats and guides

I would like a chill raiding environment. I do not want people shouting all night and getting angry. I get progression can be frustrating however that does not give you the right to treat people badly.

Available any day any time

Any more information you would like to learn feel free to add me on bnet T0m#21289 or discord T0m#8255

[H – Bronzebeard– EU] 7/10 HC LF Tank & DPS

Progression: 7/10 HC CN
Raid Times: 20:00 – 23:15 Server Time
Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Sunday

About us:
The Plague Maw Rats is a newly formed guild dedicated to HC raid & Mythic+ Key progression. We have formed this guild with a core raid group that has visions to push in Mythic, At the moment our current priorities are for rogues Boomies warriors and Holy paly
Exceptional players of other specs will also be considered.
Our roster enjoys progression and has proven to be tiltproof we aim to improve ourselves in every encounter-raid,but we do not tolerate “flaming” by any means
We’d prefer to hinder progression than to have a toxic roster.

Understanding of your specialization
usage of mods such as DBM, Weak auras etc
Review logs after bosses to improve performance
Understanding of boss abilities prior to each pull in raid and Mythic+
Able to join guild Discord server and use the appropriate voice channels

If you would like to know more about the guild or enquire about joining the please contact the guild recruitment officer via the below channels
Battle net.:

Or Discord :

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yo, just added you on btag - Tymoa#2145

Hey there. You could be just the one we need!

We’ve slowly been building our roster and have no grown to a size where we rarely need to pug, except for 1 healer slot. We currently have a resto Shaman, Druid and a Paladin would fit perfectly with that, going for a 2/3/9 setup.

Should mention that we’re a bit behind you, since we’ve only gotten heroics going for a couple of weeks, so we’re currently at 4/10 heroic, with 2 new kills this week.

We’re a bunch of “old” guys, ranging from late 20s to mid-40s. We don’t do drama, and our only “rule” is that real life comes first. If we miss anyone, we will pug them if need be. We have a farm normal raid Thursday (19:00st), max 4 hours (last week we cleared it in 3). Heroic progression is Saturday (14:00st), max 6 hours. We also have an extra raid night on Monday at 19:00st, max 2 hours. You are NOT required to participate in all the raids, but you sign for those you can.

We do require the use of Discord for communication and as our platform for distributing news. Talking is not required, but you must be able to listen to tactics.

In our off-time we get a lot of Mythic keys going. As perks, the guild supplies Flasks (via Cauldron), Well Fed (through Feast), Healing/Mana pots, Oil. We also supply all gems and enchants.

All you gotta do is, show up, enjoy the game and pay your own repair-bill :slight_smile:

We hope to hear from you. You can add me on Elfeaterdk#2334 or on Discord Elftanker#9369. If you want you can check our recruitment post here. In the post there is contact-info for our GM as well.

Hi there,

I can see you are on horde currently, but if you would consider a switch to Alliance, our guild might be a good fit for you:

Please message me in game at wilsonnxo#2881 if you would like to discuss further. Many thanks.

is recruiting new members!

We’re a small group of dedicated raiders that have been in the game for over 10 years. After wanting a bit more progression into Heroic and eventually Mythic we started .

We aim for heroic and mythic progression with a small, dedicated team of raiders around 2 nights a week for progression and 1 night for alt runs/normal mode.

Raiddays are Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00
Altruns on Sundays 20:00 - 23:00

What you can expect:

  • A well organised and highly skillfull core of players that can help you improve, or even strengthen your game.
  • A no-nonsense attitude towards progression and general social atmosphere.
  • Lots of fun and banter on discord (Obviously!)

What we expect from you:

  • Knowledge of your class and the willingness to improve even more.
  • Raiding experience is not needed. (Alltough having cleared CN normal is quite the bonus).
  • Active on discord (or at least during the raid)
  • Mom doesn’t tell you when to go to bed.

Tactics can be learned. Skills… not so much.

Add me on battlenet if interested Pogopvp#2667

Hello Reløx.

Please have a look here if we could be something for you.

If we are then please have a talk with LFC#21212

Best regards Vulcana

If interested in a fresh start on Alliance, we may have the stable environment you are after.

Hey Relox,

Give us a look

We are recruiting players to start mythic progress. We started raiding in shadowlands and have 9/10 HC atm. We want to recruit more people to get into mythic as soon as possible. The guild consists of players with previous raiding experience on mythic level.

What can you expect from us?

  • A good raiding enviroment, where we help eachother get better and thrive together.
  • We’re active with doing alot of M+, arena, BGS and much more.
  • An overall good enviroment and social guild.
  • Fast progress through HC and mythic.

What we expect of you.

  • Be able to understand and speak english.
  • Know the class that you are playing and always work towards improving yourself.
  • Be able to join most of our raids on Wednesday and Sundays 19.30 - 22.00.
  • Be a teamplayer to work with the guild to improve ourselves.
  • Raiding time: 19.30 - 22.00. Invites starts at 19.15. Have flask, food and proper enchants ready.

What classes we are looking for.

Disc priest
Holy paladin

MM hunter
Shadow priest
Ench Shaman

We consider every class of course and take exceptional players.

We hope we hear from you! You can send a request on B-net if your interested and we will have a quick interview.

If you have any question, contact Toobbez#2530 or Dosez ingame