[H] Holy Priest looking for guild

Hey, I’m Rob!

I rejoined WoW about a year ago after a longer break. I’ve last played progression during Burning Crusade, but would love to join a dedicated guild with 2 raid nights a week. I’m in my mid-30s and it’s important to me that the social aspect of a guild is just as present as a mindset to push content seriously.

Here’s what I bring:
With the release of Shadowlands, I switched from being a Shadow Priest to being a Holy Priest! I really enjoy healing and I support other guildies whenever needed. I value collectivism over individualism, and I’m always prepared and take raiding, attendance, and progression seriously.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A time-efficient guild that does push with it’s 2 raid nights a week
  • A group of dedicated players that is friendly, social and inclusive
  • Ideally English-speaking, but am open to German guilds too
  • Strictly no drama! :no_entry_sign:

I’m ready to transfer realms, as I’m currently on a German-speaking one (Destromath-EU) but have been eyeing transferring to an English-speaking one for a while.

Why I look for something new:
My current guild is a little too casual for me and I’d like to progress into heroic and maybe even progress on mythic if the stars align. I like the people I am with, but we’re simply looking for different things.

Here are logs from my most recent raid night:
warcraftlogs dot com/reports/WhmRzVKkAr8yCQgf

Feel free to add me (darytas#2375) if you have any questions.

Peace :v:t2:

Edit: Here’s my Armory:

Hi There,
I’ve just sent you a request Vanq#2404 (Just incase you’re still looking)

Hey there, maybe you like this

Might not be what you are looking for but if you are atall open to perhaps joining a newly formed guild we are currently trying to build our core team! I’ll post the link to our recruitment post below and feel free to contact me on btag: Marble#2140