[H] <Journey> (8/10M SoD) recruiting for 2 day mythic raid team!

[H] [Tarren Mill] “Journey” is recruiting for 2 day mythic raid team!

8/10M Sanctum of Domination

Past tiers:
6/10M Castle Nathria (May 27th to June 14th only)

Forged by old friendships we came together to “Journey” towards enjoyable raiding in a friendly yet competitive environment where we can claim Cutting Edge on a schedule that allows for adult commitments as well. Everyone in the founding group have proven themselves in Cutting Edge raiding before and that is also the goal we aim to achieve with this team!

To reach our goals we are always working to maintain a roster of like-minded players that know how to have fun, but also know how to dig in and grind when needed. People that know their class and play it to a high standard.

Fun and friendship is key despite our high end goals, so we have zero tolerance towards toxic behavior and ego’s that have outgrown their own skin, no matter their performance. Our guild is our home and we want to enjoy ourselves as we push through towards our goals. We don’t obsess over meta and bench people for being the wrong class if they got the right mindset and skill.

Performance matters when pushing for Cutting Edge, but we don’t let it bring down the atmosphere we strive to uphold, as that is the key to the longevity and enjoyment of the team.

We offer:

  • A team of friends and passionate raiders that work together towards our goals
  • A home where we are playing together both in and outside raids
  • Fun and drama free raiding with high end long term goals
  • Officer and raid leading team that have accomplished Cutting Edge before

Our expectations:

  • English speaking and willing to use your mic
  • High attendance
  • Always striving to be the best you can be
  • Able to take constructive criticism
  • Ability to come prepared on tactics and stocked on consumables for your own usage

Schedule (server time):

  • Monday 20:00 - 23:00
  • Thursday 20:00 - 23:00

Optional non-mythic raid on Sundays same time for as long as HC farm is considered relevant at the beginning of a tier. (Not mandatory)

We will have a break roughly halfway through the night.

Loot system

We use loot council to ensure that upgrades are placed where they benefit the teams progression the most. Raiders always come before trials in loot distribution.

What we are looking for:

Dedicated raiders that don’t give up when it gets a little hard!


  • None


  • Disc/Holy priest

Melee DPS

  • Considering all

Ranged DPS

  • Considering all

If you’re interested in joining then feel free to reach out to any of the officers for a chat.

Bnet tags:


Roster is now sorted to start HC raid farm this coming reset. We still need more like-minded players to hit mythic though, so hit us up :smiley:

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Holy paladin sorted, but added dps warrior into high demand as one of our guys is swapping from warrior to hunter :wink:

We had our first guild raid tonight and cleared 10/10HC. Now we’re just missing a few more recruits to hit mythic.

Original post updated. Multiple classes removed from high demand list. We are gettting very close to starting mythic raids now and the list of high demand classes is getting short. Hit us up for a chat and get into mythic with us :smiley:

WW monk back in high demand. Roster counting just under 20 raiders now, so it won’t be long until we can hit mythic raids, so get in touch and join in on the Journey :wink:

Holy paladin back in high demand after a failed trial. Come join up :smiley:

Roster counting 20 now, so just a few more to counter the occasional afk’s and we should be set for mythic progression :slight_smile:

Recruitment is going well and from recruiting our first raider trial 1st May to clearing HC in our first raid night 6th May we are now ready for our first mythic raid on Thursday 27th May :smiley:

We are however still looking to add a disc/holy priest and some additional ranged dps to consolidate and develop our team, so get in touch and let’s have a chat :wink:

Mythic raiding kicked off with 3/10M killed. We are still recruiting for the team :slight_smile:

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Our 2nd week of mythic raiding kicked off tonight with quick repeat kills of the first 3 bosses leading on to progression and a kill on Sun King taking us to 4/10M already :smiley:

We are very keen to add Boomkin and Warlock to the team, but could also use another Mage and Hunter. A few other classes are also still on the list in OP. Exceptional players will always be considered :wink:

Tonights raid led to yet another kill, this time Lady Inerva Darkvein, taking us to 5/10M in just two weeks of mythic raiding.

We are still looking for exceptional dps to consolidate our team :smiley:

Week 3 of mythic raiding concluded with another new boss kill. Artificer Xy’mox down taking us to 6/10M :smiley:

Still recruiting as listed in OP.

Recruiting dps for 9.1, don’t miss out on the Journey :wink:

Raid roster filling up nicely with all the interest from people returning for 9.1, so several spots removed from recruitment needs. Still classes open for recruitment though :smiley:

Only UH/Frost DK and Warlock remain open in recruitment needs. Team is looking strong for Sanctum of Domination :smile:

Finally Sanctum of Domination is here and we’re hitting new content, check recruitment above :smiley:

5/10 HC SoD - still open to exceptional players :smile:

Now 1/10M and 7/10HC and still recruiting exceptional players :smiley:

Mythic Eye of the Jailor down to 7% and soon going down. Still recruiting exceptional dps to consolidate the team :smiley: